Why are the Japanese so fond of food with strange tastes

Why are the Japanese so fond of food with strange tastes: tomato-flavored chocolate or wasabi-flavored ice cream?

Japan is one of the most obscure, and sometimes shocking, countries on the planet. For the Japanese, there is no “go too far” concept, be it ninja, weird shows or sex toys. This applies to food and drinks.

Many feel weak in front of chicken wings or beef tongue cooked, for example, on coals, which can be methodically washed with beer. Many have a weakness for ice cream. The Japanese decided to rally the first and second and released ice cream with the taste of meat. Moreover, ice cream can be with the taste of chicken, beef and even horsemeat – such an unusual food.

Ever thought of adding curry to lemonade? And the Japanese came. It may seem strange, but a fairly large number of Japanese people choose a drink in the store, on the label of which appears “a wonderful combination of curry and lemonade.”

When you live on an island, it is clear that most of the daily diet is seafood. The Japanese eat everything that swims, without exception. They eat a poisonous fugue, from the improper preparation of which you can go to the other world and, moreover, in terrible agony. Against this background, the candied squid does not seem out of the ordinary. You can purchase them at any Japanese store.

In terms of sound, the name of the Kit Kat bar in Japanese resembles the phrase “You’ll pass it,” so it is often presented to students on the eve of exams instead of wishing them luck. Like many other products, the Japanese Kit Kat has the most unusual fillings – from hot peppers and wasabi to green tea and pears.

After World War II, Japan was a poor country. In ancient Japan, the basis of the meal was cooked rice, to which various vegetable and fish seasonings were served. Fish soups with vegetables and bean paste, rice balls with fish slices were widespread. Most likely, the Japanese are adherents of everything extravagant and unusual due to this historical factor. Modern Japan is a developed country with a very high standard of living.

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