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Those who had a chance to try dishes of national Italian cuisine in her homeland: in Rome, Naples, Bologna and other cities – will confirm: this is a very special story. The characteristic features of Italian cuisine are explained by the local climate and those products that are widespread in a particular region. Each region of Italy boasts special recipes. This makes acquaintance with Italian food doubly exciting. Meet the 10 national dishes of Italy that a tourist should definitely try.

Minestrone (Minestrone) Contrary to popular belief, Italian cuisine is far from being exhausted by such food as pizza or spaghetti. Soups are very popular in Italy: burrida (with seafood), gynestrat (with egg yolks and white wine), minestra di nights (with walnuts and walnut puree) and others. But first of all, it is worth trying the minestrone – a traditional vegetable soup that has become the embodiment of the features of national Italian cuisine.

Initially, in Italy, the minestrone was prepared from the remnants of second courses or cheap vegetables. And although today there is no such approach to food in national cuisine, just like in many other Italian recipes, the ability to “mix everything that is” in such a way as to turn out divinely tasty is assumed here. The main components of minestrone are meat broth and fresh vegetables, which, depending on the season, can be as many as you like. Therefore, the consistency of the dish varies from liquid to incredibly thick. In some national recipes of Italian cuisine, the minestrone is supplemented with rice, pasta, pesto. Before using the soup, grated Parmesan and freshly chopped greens are added to the plates.


The list of what you need to try in Italy from food cannot be imagined without carpaccio – thinly sliced ​​meat or fish slices seasoned with sauce with mayonnaise, olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice.

Although the recipe for this dish in Italy appeared relatively recently, today it is included in the menu of all restaurants serving national cuisine. For its preparation, raw beef tenderloin, previously placed in the freezer, is most often taken. In Italy, you can also try variations of the dish, in which beef is replaced by venison, tuna, salmon, sea bass, octopus or smoked duck.

According to the traditions of Italian cuisine, before serving, carpaccio is sprinkled with thin cheese chips and decorated with fresh herbs. It is interesting to try carpaccio with Italian wine. For example, saturated red wines are recommended for venison sommelier, and rosé wine from southern Italy is recommended for tuna. Tortellini (Tortellini) Continue the list of national dishes of Italy tortellini – a kind of pasta, which in appearance is similar to such a familiar meal as dumplings.

Gnocchi (Gnocchi)

Gnocchi is a fairly simple Italian food, which, nevertheless, is considered one of the most worthy examples of national local cuisine. This dish is a variety of dumplings, for the preparation of which cooks take flour, eggs, semolina or corn grits and potatoes.

Small pieces formed from the dough are oval, and then they are dipped in boiling salted water and boiled with seasonings. Served as a side dish, but it is better to try gnocchi as a separate dish, with a thick aromatic sauce. Gnocchi with fish and seafood (shrimp, salmon, crab, sea bass, wongole) are especially popular – this is a real masterpiece of taste!


If you want to try the best Italian dishes, do not ignore the risotto – food that has become one of the culinary symbols of the country. The basis for its preparation is round-grain rice of special varieties, which is first fried and then stewed. When the dish is almost ready, they add seafood, minced meat, vegetables or mushrooms – depending on what the chef wants to get in the end.


Many restaurants and cafes in Italy offer menus with various, sometimes very unexpected, types of risotto: with eggplant, shrimp, bacon and apple, berries and onions, white truffles, cheese and green asparagus, and even cuttlefish ink. In a word, this is a national dish that you definitely need to try while traveling in Italy.


It is impossible to imagine traditional Italian dishes without pizza. This food is simply adored here, and therefore literally at every step you can see a sign of a particular pizzeria. There are Italian eateries in which the menu consists entirely of different types of pizza. And in some institutions you can even see with your own eyes the process of its preparation in the kitchen.


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Lasagna is one of the most popular and famous Italian dishes that all tourists seek to try. It is a multi-layer casserole in which sheets of dough are alternated with stuffing from minced meat, mushrooms or vegetables and generously flavored with aromatic thick sauce. The required ingredient in the dish is cheese: ricotta, parmesan, gorgonzola or mozzarella.

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