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They tell us from the Maison Dior that they have just signed a collaboration agreement with the facial care expert Joanna Czech. If its name does not ring a bell, as soon as you see some screenshots of its nets, you will fall.

After starting his career in Poland 30 years ago, he moved to Dallas before definitively installing his studio in New York.

With extensive experience in cutting-edge treatments that work, he does not get carried away by fashions, he has a great sense of humor and an agenda that shines with so many stars.

From now on, the well-known Polish-born facial care expert, who lives and works in New York, will share with Dior her modern point of view and decades of experience in the area of ​​facial care.

His work at the maison will consist of collaborating closely with Claire Liebbe, international spokesperson for the Dior Institut and responsible for the development of treatment techniques and training worldwide, in editorial or digital projects.

Friend and caretaker of the famous

If you follow many celebs On Instagram, you will have already stumbled upon her platinum melenita and her huge glasses of black paste. They adore her and she corresponds to them, leaving her splendid skins with the treatment that has already earned her own hashtag: #CZECHED.

Some of the stars that he usually treats, not only before the Oscars or at important moments, but regularly are: Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, Christy Turlington, Uma Thurman, Kate Hudson and many others like Mandy Moore , protagonist of the series This is Us, the tennis player Maria Sharapova or several of the most important models that make up the cast of angels from Victoria’s Secret.

Two beauty tips from Joanna Czech

  1. Above all advocates a healthy life and a balanced and seasonal diet
  2. The key to achieving good skin is to combine gentle and progressive traditional care with cutting-edge techniques: LED, ultrasound, cryotherapy, traditional massage or facial muscle work.

Joanna regularly collaborates with the most influential international magazines and is often required for highly prestigious events such as the MET gala in New York. Now that she is an ambassador for the Dior treatment, she will be able to associate her expert techniques with those of the Maison Dior to help all women achieve radiant skin.

If you go through his Instagram, you will surely end up crying with laughter, because his good sense of humor is known. Look at his pedicure with his foot over his head or his sessions of LED lights with plumeria slippers and Dolly Parton in the background.

Take a good look and you will detect which actresses and top models always give you their like.

A regular in hotel suites where top-of-the-line treatments are tuned for the most VIP skins on the planet Hollywood, Joanna holds the record, if the joke is allowed, of doing three Kardashians in two days, which is said soon.

Here’s the proof:

Although the day he won all our tens was the one we discovered who Rooney Mara owed THAT SKIN:

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