“Typical Russian food” through the eyes of foreigners

The question of curious foreigners about national dishes of Russian cuisine can be confusing. Well, what comes to mind? Either royal abundance (remember, as in the famous movie: “Spinach rabbit kidneys, pike heads with garlic …”?), Or more prosaic – pickles, pies and, of course, pancakes. True, then it turns out that one dish is Ukrainian, the other Belarusian, the third generally Lithuanian – and now “Russian cuisine” is expanding to the scale of a huge multinational USSR.

It seems that such knowledge was gathered from everywhere (and, in particular, from the descendants of Soviet emigrants), the editors of the American site Buzzfeed, offering a list of the most popular dishes in Russia “to the Christmas table”. But, I must admit, sometimes it’s useful to look from the side at what we eat: you just admire these “crown numbers” of domestic culinary specialists!

1. Pancakes with sour cream and caviar

“The idea for a fierce rally: tell the American that it’s whipped cream and jam and watch his unforgettable reaction when he tastes the real taste,” advises Buzzfeed. (The translated site comments are in italics).

Judging by the photo, they don’t even know what real blini are overseas, because it’s more likely to show pancakes or cakes:

2. Herring under a fur coat

“Imagine a pie of layers of salted herring and boiled vegetables, covered with grated beets and mayonnaise. It doesn’t cause appetite by ear, but, believe me, over time you will become attached to it, like a real fur coat of fuchsia color. ”

3. Doctor’s sausage

“The loose illegitimate child of boiled sausage and sausage. When Russian-American children take out such sandwiches during lunch, this constantly causes a lot of questions from the rest. ”

4. Olivier salad

“Non-Russians, his appearance may be slightly shocking, but in reality, it is a potato salad,“ invigorated ”with vegetables, mayonnaise, and the aforementioned cooked sausage. It looks disgusting, but it tastes amazing! ””

5. Jellied (Kholodets)

“The very idea of ​​MEAT JELLY never seems normal. But it is very tasty and still funny – the shape and appearance of the jelly are limited only by your imagination. ”

6. Salo

“It’s pure pig fat, and the more the better!”

7. Sandwich with mayonnaise, herring and pickled onions

“That is, everything you eat with vodka, plus mayonnaise, because … no difference! (This is still loved in Holland, however, without the obligatory component of indulgence). ”

8. Solyanka

“All kinds of meat plus all the sour and sour that is in the house – and this, in your opinion, is soup?” Better not argue. ”

9. Kissel

“Fruit soup” made from juice and starch, usually serving as a dessert. If you still do not understand, soup in Russian cuisine is a very important dish. ”

10. Intestine

“Chicken skin or pork intestine stuffed with seasoned meat. Served fried and with gravy. As you can see, in Russia not a single piece of meat is wasted in vain. ”

11. Kompot

“In fact, this is a well-known fruit punch in the West, only in Russia, it is cooked for some reason, thereby complicating the cooking process. But the result is worth it! ”

12. Vinaigrette (Vinaigrette)

“Beets, potatoes, pickles, and cabbage are the main vegetables of Russian cuisine, so it is not surprising that together they add up to a super-healthy dish.”

13. Dumplings

“The filling can be anything, but the fruit is very popular, most often – cherry. That is, these are fruit dumplings! ”

And finally – carefully: canned food (a sight not for the faint of heart)!

14. Atlantic herring

“Herring, including in a bank, is one of the favorite dishes of Russians. But never, never should it look … “(here the editors of the site have hesitated, and we will continue for them) … like this canned Loch Ness monster. Remember this, foreigners, if you are planning a gastronomic tour of Russia!

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