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For many women, confinement caught them with a half-filled cosmetic bag. Products that were running out and had to be renewed, others that covered new needs …

With trade on-line at half gas and the possibility of going out only once a week to buy, the purchase of beauty products was limited to a visit to the pharmacy, which also did not seem 100% responsible, given the situation of collapse that they they were living themselves.

This situation gave many of us the opportunity to gossip again on the supermarket personal care shelves.

Supermarket beauty

It is no secret that many chains have hygiene and beauty in their area a territory that increasingly attracts beauty addicts. Products to good price, practical, that fulfill what they promise and save the toiletry bag any day that there is no time to go beyond the supermarket.

If during the quarantine you wanted to renew your toiletry bag only by going to the basic necessity purchase, you would realize the good cosmetic opportunities what’s up.

Today we bring up to you a selection of ten products that you can bring to your cart while you fill the fridge with vegetables, cleaning products and everything you need at home. We already anticipate that some will surprise you.

The first one that catches our attention is this duo of sun protection and after sun serum from C · Life Solar. It is the line for the sun of a new brand of cosmeceutical advanced sold exclusively in Condis and Condislife stores.

I say it is cosmeceutical (and not cosmetic) and, just in case you don’t know what I mean, it is about products that, while not being medicines, have more potent concentrations of assets than cosmetics – and those assets are mixed and chosen from the expert point of view of maximum effectiveness.

The Cream with SPF 50+ Facial Antiaging (sold with color and without color at a price of € 19.95) provides very high protection against UVA, UVB, IR and blue light from screens. It prevents blemishes and helps regenerate the skin. It is designed for women and men and what makes it special is its good price, despite its advanced formulas.

For his part, the Aftersun Repair Serum (€ 16.95) allows intensive repair and maximum hydration for 24 hours after exposure.

The three C · Life Solar products contain blood dragons from the Amazon Croton Lechleri ​​tree. The red sap of this tree has been used for millennia for its healing properties, as a great restorative of tissues, wound healing and skin rejuvenator. From the brand they assure that science has verified that with the application of this sap the skin regenerates 20 times faster than normal.

They can be bought in all the Condis and Condislife stores in Catalonia, and the provinces of Madrid, Segovia, Toledo and Guadalajara.

The product is back!

When we talk about facial cleansing, a topic that is especially important now that we wear protective masks that can cause reappearance of acne breakouts, we celebrate the return of a product that has always fascinated beauty lovers: Olay wipes.

Do not think they are cleaning wipes to use, those impregnated in lotion. No. These are made of dry fabrics that are activated with water and that achieve a perfect cleaning that allows you to stop dirtying your own towel. It is important that, after use, they be placed in the trash and never flushed down the toilet.

We really like the option for sensitive skin because it is suitable for anyone. Although there are also specific for dry skin and for oily skin.

Olay Daily Facials for Sensitive Skin (€ 7.99 / 30 pcs.) Are great to take on a trip, to the gym … because they do not take up anything and their cleaning capacity has nothing to envy to your usual cleaning gel (with the advantage that, in addition, the fabric It is soft and helps you lighten the skin, it exfoliates gently and helps you to leave no trace of makeup or dirt on your towels).

They remove dirt, grease, makeup and even the mascara. Suitable for the sensitive area of ​​the eyes.

Legion of fans

One of the hair products that most adore beauty addicts –And that at that price you will never find in hairdressing products- are the 1 minute rescue ampoules from Pantene (€ 5.49 / 4 ampoules).

It is an intensive treatment that rebuilds the natural keratin of the hair to prevent it from breaking, repairing the damage of six months in 1 minute. What you do inside is perceived outside. The mane takes on an incredible light appearance and looks freshly cut. Also, we love buying them at the supermarket because they have the perfect format to take them everywhere.

A top deodorant

When it comes to buying a deodorant, few of us appreciate that it is one of those that beautifies the skin of the armpits. However, when any of those we buy do so, we appreciate it.

Now you can get one of them at the supermarket for a very good price. NIVEA has released its Deo Beauty Elixir (€ 2.69), whose formula with milk essence contains vitamins C, E and B5, calcium, lactate, lactose triglyceride and essential amino acids.

This mixture is capable of replenishing these components that are lost to the skin after waxing, while softening and beautifying the underarm area. As a deodorant it continues to protect effectively 48 hours, it has a quick absorption, the formula is alcohol-free and can be used by even the most delicate skin that is frequently waxed.

A tasty shower gel

Since we started washing our hands so many times a day, we appreciate what using a mild soap means. The famous syndet and oleogels have risen to the podium of top products that cleanse the skin without attacking it, without removing the hydrolipidic layer that serves as a protective barrier and which, when degraded or altered, can bring with it irritation and dermatitis problems.

So we love that Lidl supermarkets has included in its new range Skin Foodies, 100% vegan cosmetics, a nourishing shower gel based on very mild sulfates and enriched with babassu oil.

It is for all skin types. It costs € 1.99 (200ml.). It is not as cheap as the liter gels that you will usually find in the supermarket but it is worth taking good care of the skin and, also, for those who take the vegan ethic to the bathroom it is a very affordable option.

If you are one of those who shaves at home, here is good news for you. Daen has launched an ecological and vegan wax. It is heated in a minute in the microwave and its natural ingredients do not contain any of animal origin.

Tamanu oil has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, healing and regenerative properties. The container is compostable, free of plastic. It costs € 5.50 (100 grams) and you can find it in many supermarkets.

Summer cream

We were looking forward to the return of these lotions that tan the skin of the body while hydrating it perfectly. This supermarket cream (which is unrivaled in the selective market) is from Dove and it’s called Summer Revived (€ 4.25 / 200ml).

It works in a matter of minutes but gives a very natural tone because it has delicate self-tanning agents and very moisturizing actives. Can be used daily. It exists in light / medium and medium / dark tones.

As soon as the heat starts and we get ready for afternoons at the pool or strolling by the sea, the choice may come whether or not to put on makeup for the water. There are women who do not look good without applying a little mascara, wherever, and for them the mask was invented waterproof. Do you sell in Eroski one of the Belle & Makeup brand that promises a result of three masks in one. That is to say: it achieves length, curvature and volume.

It’s called TOP3 and it costs € 4.75. Contains a combination of waxes and soft polymers like synthetic beeswax, rice wax and acacia resin that provide elasticity and nutrition for your lashes. Its brush, slightly curved and silicone, combines fine bristles of different lengths to comb and cover each eyelash achieving maximum definition and length, and keeping the eyelashes separate. If you give only one layer, you define and add volume. With two, more volume and a perfect curl. If you put three, volume of scandal.

BBB anti-wrinkle treatment

One of the top treatment purchases that you can do in the supermarket are the single dose of hyaluronic acid from L’Oréal Paris.

They are called Revitalift Filler Intensive Fillers Hyaluronic Ampoules and are a weekly treatment consisting of seven ampoules highly concentrated in hyaluronic acid that provides extra hydration to key areas such as the forehead, cheekbones, jaw, nasogenial sulcus or facial contour.

The one-week treatment (which can also be used as a flash ampoule on a special occasion) costs around 10 euros and carries 7 ampoules.

And we finish with a whim shampoo, which can also be bought at the supermarket. Its about Hair Food Aloe Vera Shampoo Moisturizer (€ 5.25), the first shampoo from Fructis with a vegan formula (without ingredients of animal origin or derivatives) and 98% ingredients of natural origin.

Its light foam gently cleanses and hydrates your hungry hair without weighing it down. Try it this summer!

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