Top 20 Business Ideas To Launch In France In 2021

Are you finding a unique business idea for 2021? The franchise is a formidable reservoir of innovative ideas and concepts that reproduce on a small or large scale in a given territory once the model is well established. The dozens of new booths dotting the Franchise Expo Paris each year proves this, as does the Observatory, which receives requests almost every day to create unique signs. Here is our selection of best business ideas, some of them having already been developed franchised while others are still in the prototype stage.

  1. Getting into stationery and supplies

There are many brands in the stationery market, but the fastest deployment is undoubtedly Bureau Vallée. In some 25 years, the brand has opened more than 300 stores in France and throughout Europe and Africa. With 7,000 references to the catalog and many innovative services, Bureau Vallée is looking for franchisees with merchant profiles to expand its network.

  1. Open a kitchen restaurant to share

Friendliness is at the heart of the concept we offer here. The Alsatian is dedicated to Strasbourg gastronomy, especially the flammkuchen, which the customer orders, then pick up at the counter as soon as he leaves the oven, alerted by a beep connected to the kitchen.

  1. Beer in self-service an innovative concept

At Au Fût et à Measure, individual self-service beer pullers are available, which customers operate after obtaining an RFID card. There are already about thirty addresses under the banner in France, and the development continues.

  1. The madness of food trucks

It’s been a year since the premier food truck, the Truck That Smokes, arrived in France, with its head an entrepreneur from the United States. Today, in addition to being a hard-core restaurant for the Truck That Smokes, the concept of “Food Truck” has made small and can be found everywhere in big cities in an office environment or when booking to animate parties. All the specialties are represented and more only the burger as was the case at the beginning: Tooq Tooq and Thai la Route are aimed at lovers of Thai cuisine, Al Dulce to those who appreciate the Venezuelan flavor, not to mention Karr Lichou and his homemade pancakes (or preferably truck) or Moule Walker, which offers to take its mussels and chips wherever you like.

  1. Put yourself on your own in the sport.

Let’s get some exercise now by looking at the various concepts related to the sport that are duty-free.

Again, the field is incredibly popular since it is estimated that the practice of collective or individual sport is growing by 15% per year in France. So you can safely start your own business by opting for action Sport (and its express program in 20 minutes), Bodyhit (electro-stimulation), or the most classic but just as effective Fitness Park.

On-Air Fitness, a newer brand with big ambitions, opens primarily in the suburbs on surfaces of around 800 m2. At the same time, Champion Spirit relies on premium locations in Paris (Foch, Beaupassage, and soon at La Défense) to offer its members an exclusive experience, surrounded by the best coaches in an environment welcoming high-end equipment, with yoga, karate, climbing or boxing.

  1. Beauty salons in great shape

The French are always devoting more and more time to beauty and aesthetics, a large part regularly attending specialized institutes, and again, undertaking franchise in this sector is an additional guarantee of success, with brands like CarlanceCitron Vert, BODY Minute or the most recent Atelier du Paper Rouler.

  1. Health and nutrition are on the rise.

Once diets and sports practice have not had the desired effect, we can turn to coaches specialized in food rebalancing to forge a dream body for the summer. Networked commerce offers several brands related to this universe, including Dietplus, Fitness Boutique, Physiomins, or RNPC – Ethical group and health.

  1. Human services, carried by state aid

2019 and the 2020s favor creating specialized human services agencies, as the government has committed to extending them.

As the population ages, dozens of networks are being deployed in France to help the elderly offer childcare solutions or participate in time-consuming household chores. Some examples, among others: Family SphereHELP Comfort, Kids, and Us FranceAnacours, or Menus Services.

  1. Open a healthy restaurant.

With products that combine quality and authenticity on the menu, DS Café offers its customers a healthy and gourmet menu. We have lunch. We have tea. We discover new flavors: salads, sandwiches, bagels, or piadinas (toasted wheat cake) Already 5 locations for DS Café in Paris and Boulogne, and the ambitions of founder David Banet are limitless in France, especially since the sector is up-and-coming.

Note that the concept is perfectly suited to delivery by bike and take-out, via click and collect for the most in a hurry.

Discover also in a universe close to Dubble, whose interview you can find a Marseille franchisee here.

  1. Open a restaurant under a thematic concept.

Another idea, to look for the theme restaurant side, and again, the imagination of entrepreneurs knows no limits. Indeed, one can turn to a medieval restaurant, like the Court of Flavours, which offers a selection of dishes and ingredients of yesteryear, even going as far as the time of the Gauls and their famous mead accompanying wild boar terrines or deer. Or choose Steak’n Shake or Au Bureau and its English Pub spirit.

  1. Real estate, an eldorado that is still relevant today

With low-interest rates over the past 15 years, the real estate sector remains flourishing, and franchise networks are increasingly competitive. All these brands want to cover the whole country to meet the requests of individuals searching for the good of their dreams. From ERA Immobilier to CENTURY 21 via Nestenn, Guy Hoquet l’Real Estate, or ORPI, you will be spoilt for choice if you have a commercial character and have a sense of contact.

  1. The automobile: from rent to repair

All automotive trades are represented free of charge, whether repaired (Roady, Feu Vert, Norauto or Speedy), rental(ADA, Ucar, Rent A Car, or Drivy). You can also opt for more actual trades, such as Autosmart and its professional cleaning truck and store truck.

  1. When the building goes, everything goes.

The adage is true, judging by the strong growth in building networks and its related activities. The development is particularly remarkable among window sellers, who take advantage of their products’ ecological aspect (who does not know Grofillex Windows and Tryba?). The working brokers are also very well positioned and understand that the networks provide complete training to candidates before the actual opening. This is the case at illiCO works and The House of Works, among others.

  1. Supermarkets: small investment but attractive income

The major retailers are offering their model in small convenience stores to reach consumers in the heart of France’s towns and villages. Brands practice leasing to attract entrepreneurs, who can enter the networks with a very measured investment. Compare the offers of The Little Casino, Netto, Intermarket, or 8 to Eight. If you are somewhat organic, Naturalia and Carrefour Bio are waiting for your application.

  1. What about fashion?

If Paris is the capital of fashion, France as a whole can be considered the country where the sector has the most ready-to-wear stores. Again, the franchises are very numerous to compete for this coveted market, with networks specialized in children(OrchestraSergeant Major), others dedicated to men (Father and Sons), others still aimed at women (Spirit) and more technical concepts, like the wedding dresses of Cymbeline.

  1. Restaurants of foreign specialties

While the 2,000 networks have just been crossed in France (according to the latest figures published by the French Franchise Federation), the opportunities to create restaurants of foreign specialties are legion: whether you are a fan of Italy with Del Arte, Thailand with Pitaya, or American dinner with Memphis, not to mention sushi and Tex-Mex, you will necessarily find the culinary concept that looks like you.

  1. Opening a restaurant under an ethnic concept

Let’s start with Wok to Walk, which offers wok cuisine to enjoy on-site (in a place with an open kitchen) or take away, using fully recyclable cardboard packaging. Coming from the Netherlands, the concept caught the Jury of Revelations of the Franchise, which awarded it its Palme 2109, a prelude to deployment all over France, having already spread well in Europe.

  1. The multiple variations of the mouth shops

With a lunch break that tends to be shortened and a craving for variety, the French turn every day to different mouth shops to vary the pleasures. The franchise responds correctly to this trend, putting on the market premium brands such as Countess of Barry, chocolate factories from the outskirts of downtown like De Neuville, beautiful tea rooms like that of Palais des Thés, not to mention the bakeries represented by brands like La Mie Câline, Brioche Dorée or Boréa.

  1. Wine, from bottle to cubi

Wine is part of France’s heritage, and the income generated by its export is increasing year after year. There are many chain stores with complementary concepts in this area, such as the Estates that MontentBiBoVINoCavavin, and its 155 units or Nicolas, a network born almost 200 years ago in the development phase!

  1. Flowers to finish in style

Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas flowers are offered on specific dates and throughout the year. Florists have understood this, their stores remaining open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you want to undertake in a colorful and perennial field, opt for the Brands Carrement Fleurs, Oya Flowers, The Flower Garden or Monceau Fleurs, and its network of 170 units worldwide.

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