Top 13 Best Keyboards For Gamers In 2021

Gaming computers – a particular category of gadgets, with absolutely fantastic characteristics, far superior to the usual office iron parameters. But a real sportsman pays a lot of attention to accessories. They allow him to take winning positions and defeat opponents. Moreover, in modern dynamic games, the score goes for a fraction of a second. Therefore, a special place among similar gadgets is occupied by gaming keyboards. This article provides an overview of the best game models, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. 

  1. Features of gaming keyboards 
    • Key view 
    • Key programming capability 
    • Backlight 
    • Screen 
    • Dedicated keys, additional connectors 
    • How to connect to your computer 
  2. Keyboard selection criteria
    • Form factor
    • Hull type 
    • Switch type 
    • Programmable buttons 
    • View of the lights 
    • Built-in memory 
    • Rubber-like buttons 
  3. The best gaming keyboards 
    • SteelSeries Apex M750 TKL 
    • Corsair K68 RGB (CHERRY MX Red) 
    • A4Tech Bloody B820R (Red Switches) 
    • HyperX Alloy Elite RGB (Cherry MX Red) 
    • Logitech G G413 
    • ASUS ROG Strix Flare (Cherry MX Brown) 
    • COUGAR Vantar 
    • Defender Renegade GK-640DL RU RGB 
    • A4Tech B314 
    • Qcyber Dominator TKL 
    • Razer Ornata Chroma 
    • Redragon Asura 
    • Oklick 700G 

Features of gaming keyboards 

Before choosing a particular model, remember: the usual and game keyboards are designed to solve the same problems: typing, process management, etc. However, there are also fundamental differences. 

A real gamer device allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game entirely. The user must feel each key, know its purpose, to succeed in any of the esports disciplines. If a regular keyboard is suitable for strategy or poker, the contestant can’t do without a professional-level device. 

Let’s take a closer look at the difference between a gaming gadget and a regular one. 

Key view 

The ideal choice for a gamer is a mechanical keyboard; each button on “their” switch. In addition to reliability and long life, mechanical keyboards feature a high level of accuracy and speed. A cheaper and quieter option is the membrane-type buttons. This is the choice of those e-sportsmen who, in addition to virtual games, use computer technology for work and study, for a set of texts. Besides, the membrane device has a shorter working resource and is not so responsive. Given that the self-respecting gamer squeezes the maximum of possibilities out of the keyboard, the membrane device will not last long. 

Key programming capability 

Conveniently, if you can adjust the keyboard “under yourself” by fixing a particular function or even a sequence of actions behind a button, the basic settings are saved. Such freedom increases the chances of success at times. To do this, the keyboard is equipped with built-in memory and appropriate software. 


In principle, it can be equipped with a regular keyboard, but it’s an unchanged functionality component in the game device. For example, you can set lighting colors for individual keys to finding them faster during the game. 


Not a mandatory, but very convenient item. Individual models are equipped with LCD screens, which are provided information about the gameplay—for example, a route map, a character state, the residue of ammunition, etc. 

Dedicated keys, additional connectors

An essential part of the game accessory. Dedicated buttons allow you to navigate the keyboard blindly. Additional connectors will be useful for connecting microphones, headphones, and other external devices. 

How to connect to your computer 

Gaming keyboards, as well as conventional keyboards, are wired and wireless. The first option for interacting with a PC or laptop is preferable. The wireless model “die” at the most inopportune moment, and there are delays in data transmission. Wireless devices on radio frequencies that do not need batteries are in demand. 

Keyboard selection criteria 

All the factors taken into account when choosing a gaming keyboard are customary to divide conventionally into primary and secondary—first, the main criteria for selection. 

Form factor 

The device can be full-size or compact. The first is equipped with a NumPad unit and a large number of additional keys. This option is optimal for use at home. There is no digital unit in a shortened (compact) keyboard, and the cord is removable, which is convenient for travel. 

Hull type

First of all, it’s a classic. This keyboard in shape is similar to an ordinary office. Feature of the design “skeleton” – the lack of body as such, the keys are fixed directly on the board. An essential attribute of the keyboard is a unique stand under the brush. 

Switch type

There are three types of switches: tactile, tactile with a click, and linear. The latter is the most malleable, pressed evenly. Tactile buttons have little resistance. Pressing keys with a click is accompanied by a characteristic sound resembling a typewriter. 

Programmable buttons

This feature is relevant for games where you need to press a combination of buttons to take action. Programming macros by one key allows you to replace a few clicks with one. This gives a good win in time. 

It’s about features that don’t affect gameplay per se but make the game even more exciting and exciting. 

View of the lights

In budget models, the illumination is monochrome. Expensive modifications are distinguished by the ability to change and combine colors with special software. The convenience of operation from description depends on little, much more vital – aesthetic component. 

Built-in memory

It’s a very convenient option if you have to save individual settings of macros and keys. It is much more convenient to store them in the device’s memory than to install them from scratch every time. 

Rubber-like buttons

This coverage makes the game much more convenient. Typically, these are control buttons: Shift, Space, and others. A valuable characteristic is the presence of game mode. For the duration of the gameplay, you can disable all keys except those involved in the game. You do not risk accidentally winding down the game or open an unnecessary window on the whole screen amid the battle. 

The best gaming keyboards

SteelSeries Apex M750 TKL

A small device that is equally suitable for eSports and home-use competitions. At small sizes, the keyboard has a full range of features, as well as full-scale “brothers.” 


  • Stylish design; 
  • Convenient layout 
  • Mechanical-type switches, which allow you to react almost instantly to any in-game event; 
  • On the front side is a comfortable panel of aluminum; 
  • RGB lighting; 
  • Notification system (real-time mode); 
  • intuitive interface, relaxed settings. All of these features combine the SteelSeries Engine, a convenient management system; 

Audio Visualizer. Just a few seconds – and the device plays color diversity in the tact of your favorite music. 

It is a versatile option, convenient at home or on travel. Most of the reviews are positive. Of the disadvantages note the high price and lack of protection from moisture. Therefore, a cup of coffee next to the keyboard will be superfluous.

Corsair K68 RGB (CHERRY MX Red) 

The universal device will not leave an indifferent player of any level: from “kettle” to the seasoned gamer – the silver medalist of our rating. Impeccable button-up can simultaneously press multiple keys, dust- and waterproof protection – what any gamer will need. At the same time, the cost of the gadget can not be called unreasonable. Instead, it belongs to the middle price category. 

Features of the model:

  • Cherry MX Red switches (gold-plated pins); 
  • resistance to pollution and liquids. Unlike the previous model, this keyboard is not afraid that it will accidentally flood. Each button is equipped with select sides; 
  • Bright and very easy to adjust essential lighting; Protection from phantom clicks
  • Corsair Utility Engine
  • Included is outstanding support for the hands.

The device is plastic, but the material is pleasant to the touch, preventing slipping. Another advantage that draws users’ attention is the impeccable build. It seems that the body of the cast and is an indivisible whole. 


  • High-quality assembly 
  • Convenient key localization
  • Set a backlight for each button.
  • Laconic design;

Protection from moisture and clogging; affordable price. 

There were no apparent drawbacks. That’s understandable. The keyboard combines premium quality and functionality at a reasonable price. Many gamers believe that buying “Corsaro” is a great success. 

A4Tech Bloody B820R (Red Switches) 

The cool full-length model with optical switches. The keys feel mechanical, but their trigger height is lower (not 4, but 3 mm). The case is aluminum; the plane under the buttons is made of polished material. Select drainage channels divert moisture from the “stuffing” of the device. 

Each of the keys has an independent backlight. There are three individual programs and six pre-installed programs for its change. The symbols are drawn very clearly. According to users, the layout has only one drawback: Latin and Cyrillic letters are very close, so often, there are problems with their identification. However, this is a severe drawback to the set of texts, but not for games. 

Thus, the developers have created a convenient game device, moderately easy to manage, and excellent technical characteristics. Ergonomics and flexible lighting are its main advantages. 


  • Convenience 
  • A relatively low price; 
  • Great illumination. The ability to choose a pre-installed option, fine-tune the backlight for each of the buttons; 
  • Legs made of rubberized material; 


  • An inconvenient Enter key. 

HyperX Alloy Elite RGB (Cherry MX Red)

A mechanical game model with unusual illumination, located along the entire length of the gadget. The keyboard features a beautiful design, RGB backlight, and customizable keys. The frame is steely, which makes the widget almost invulnerable even in the most active battles. The anti-ghosting effect allows you to press even all the keys at the same time. Now the performance of in-game combinations will be much faster, and there is an opportunity to achieve a substantial advantage over the opponent. 

The embedded memory allows you to save the light effects and set settings. For the player’s convenience, there is a removable wrist stand. Included are additional caps with a textured coating, which allows you to instantly find the right key to the touch without wasting precious time. 


  • A light strip along the entire length of the device with the ability to display different effects; 
  • A sturdy steel hull; 
  • A convenient software that lets you easily customize your device to suit your needs. 
  • Cherry MX – mechanical switches that provide maximum accuracy; Ergonomics;
  • Built-in memory
  • textural linings for keys. 
  • Users note only one


  • The sound from the space tap is slightly louder than from the other keys. 

Logitech G G413 

A high-tech mechanical device with a case made of aluminum. Or rather, from magnesium-aluminum alloy, which is used in aircraft construction. It perfectly complements the modern design of the product. 

The buttons are very responsive and reliable. The trigger distance is only 1.5 mm. Suppose you compare with traditional mechanical switches, the response rate increases by about 25 percent. At the same time, the model is relatively quiet. There is no unnecessary noise at work. Maybe for gamers who prefer a noisy keyboard, this will be considered a disadvantage. 

The gadget has fantastic LED lighting. It will undoubtedly be appreciated by gamers – fans of games at night. The device is equipped with its USB port (the cable is included), which allows you to use the keyboard as a charger for the phone or wireless mouse. 

Logitech Gaming Software allows you to create macros of varying degrees of complexity: the simplest to the bulkiest. You can record them with F1 – F12 keys. 


  • Aluminum frame; 
  • Reliable build 
  • No recesses (the keyboard is not clogged); 
  • Good lighting; 
  • In the set – additional caps for buttons. There is also a particular device to remove the “native” caps; 
  • the official warranty from the manufacturer is two years. 


  • Thick, poorly bent working cable;
  •  No NUMLOCK key. The flaw is small, but better when available; thin and flimsy caps on the tickets. 

ASUS ROG Strix Flare (Cherry MX Brown)

ASUS’s ROG Strix Flare keyboard with a convenient multimedia key layout, cute backlight, and Cherry MX RGB mechanical switches. Thanks to them, the keys work clearly and almost instantly. Lightning reaction to game events is guaranteed! The multimedia keyset provides seamless and straightforward media application management. For example, you can adjust the volume of sound in one motion with minimal time. 

Other features of the model: 

  • A wrist stand. It is especially relevant in long battles. The frame is removable, with the simplest fastenings. In any of the variants, the device looks very organic; 
  • A USB port that lets you connect your mouse, headphones, or keyboard as a charger to your gadget; 
  • RGB lighting with numerous effects. The glow may change due to events on the monitor; 
  • The ability to customize the keyboard and save profiles in the built-in memory;
  • The ability to press any number of keys at the same time.
  • Game mode. In particular, blocking the Windows key, which creates specific difficulties for the player when accidentally pressed, deserves attention.
  • A case in the kit that ensures the complete safety of the gadget during transportation.


  • High-quality plastic with a non-mark coating; Comfortable keys
  • Media buttons
  • Mechanical switches 
  • impeccable build. 


  • The keyboard is too noisy—a high price. 

COUGAR Vantar 

A keyboard with an ultra-low profile, a beautiful, unusual design, short keys, and eight lighting options. This model is a worthy representative of the COUGAR line. Like other modifications, it has a strict laconic design, without unnecessary bells and whistles, often found among gamer devices. Restraint, simplicity, high-quality materials, and assembly are the main characteristics of Vantar. 

For all its apparent simplicity, this model can surprise the user. In particular, RGB lighting is located both under the keys and around the perimeter of the device. Latin and Cyrillic letters are illuminated. The device is only 2 cm thick. They can be lifted to position the device at a slope. 

The scissor-switch mechanism used in this model is much more reliable than the membrane mechanism. There is no risk of double-pressed and critical sticking. The gadget’s design is such that it can process up to 19 clicks at a time if necessary. The keys’ short running helps achieve excellent eSports results (the distance that the button passes is three times less than for a conventional mechanical keyboard). 

COUGAR’s nice bonus is to make tweaks without additional drivers and complex programs, only with certain combinations of buttons. It is enough to connect the keyboard through a USB port, and it is already in full readiness. A few seconds are enough to adjust. 


  • Low price 
  • Compactness
  • No backlashes;
  • Optimal mass:
  • numerous lighting options.


  • Users note the quality of the illumination, namely, its unevenness, “gradience.” There were no other flaws. 

Defender Renegade GK-640DL RU RGB

Wired keyboard with original design and impeccable build quality. At the base of the case is a steel frame with panels made of plastic. 

Features of the model: 

  • 7 RGB lighting options; 
  • The ability to press up to 19 keys at a time
  • A set of hotkeys to access apps
  • Adjustable tilt level at the expense of legs
  • Water protection 
  • Mounted stand under the phone. 

The design of the product is classic-gamer, with a touch of aggressiveness. The front panel is made of metal and is attached with screws, which gives the device brutality. The keyboard layout is full. There is a digital unit. The number of keys is 104. The switch mechanism is the membrane. An exciting feature is the presence of a built-in stand under the mobile device. The lighting is uniform. 


  • Beautiful design; 
  • Stand under your phone or tablet.
  • Customized height
  • Uniform RGB lighting with the custom-setting capability
  • High-quality working cable. 

A4Tech B314 

One of the best youth game models. In terms of design and functionality, it only cannot be unnoticed. The model is somewhat pretentious and, at the same time, thought out to the smallest detail. Successfully separated zones with additional keys, lighting, and a stand for the wrist make this model attractive and very comfortable. The type of switches is optical, which is much higher than the membrane variant. There is an opportunity not just to create but also to record macros. 

The keyboard is universal. It will appeal to an experienced player who is eager to buy a serious tool and a novice gamer attracted by an unusual device. 

Features of the model: 

  • Good key responsiveness 
  • No double taps
  • Four silicone buttons;
  • Reliable flood defense (double!); 9 customizable buttons multi-colored lighting. 


  • Beautiful appearance
  • Mechanical switches
  • Stand under the arm;
  • A set of extra buttons
  • almost “unkillable” cable in the braid. 
  • Less: the illumination of the keys leaves much to be desired. 

Qcyber Dominator TKL 

The wired game model with mechanical switches. The case is a combination of plastic and metal, equipped with multi-colored lighting. The keyboard is devoid of a digital block, the total number of Jixian Red buttons is 87. Their resource is designed for about 50 million clicks. Each button can set “their” color, responsiveness, and function. So there’s nothing wrong with personalizing the device. The gadget connects to the PC using a 1.8-meter wire with a USB interface. You don’t need a driver to set up. All you have to do is plug in the keyboard. 


  • wonderful keycaps; 
  • High-quality assembly
  • The keyboard doesn’t slide.
  • Minimum noise
  • Responsive keys
  • Moderate price (for the game option – and at all low). 


  • Space and Enter are noisy; 
  • She branded coating buttons. 

Razer Ornata Chroma 

The specifics of the Razer Ornata Chroma keyboard are hybrid switches that combine the best of membrane-type gadgets and “mechanics.” It seems that the producers have managed to reach a compromise. The keyboard turned out to be responsive, almost silent (soft click does not count) with medium-height keys, instantly reacting to the user’s commands. 

The device is equipped with a beautiful illumination with 16.8 million shares. The best light effects create a great atmosphere of an exciting game. A wrist stand makes additional comfort. 


  • Convenience 
  • Light keystrokes customizable lighting. 


  • The illumination has to be mercilessly exploited. Without it, the letters look too pale; 
  • There is no unique sound adjustment key. 

Redragon Asura 

A wireless keyboard that is equally suitable for gaming and office use (such as text printing): computer communication methods – IR channel, radio channel, Blutuz. The keys are visible, so the pressure on the eyes is minimal. This model is a real godsend for a student, freelancer, or office worker. 


  • Beautiful design; 
  • A backlight that can be configured 
  • programmable keys. This point allows you to position the model as a budget gamer; 
  • Excellent build quality. 
  • Less: The illumination pales in bright sunlight. 

In general, the model has no critical disadvantages. For a novice sportsman, that’s precisely what you need. 

Oklick 700G 

The inexpensive Oklick 700G keyboard will appeal to both a professional gamer and an amateur, for whom eSports is nothing more than a pleasant pastime. Every detail of the gadget is thought out to the smallest detail, making it comfortable and comfortable. The membrane mechanism provides easy key running. There are 114 buttons on the keyboard. Ten of them are designed to manage media functionality. 

The color of the product is classic – black, complemented by multi-color lighting. The coating is matte, not branded. 


  • Ergonomics due to the stand under the wrists and additional keys; 
  • Practical matte-coated case
  • almost silent (adjusted for membrane switches!) work; High-quality illumination;
  • Convenience to work even blindly;
  • The persistent, non-slip body;
  • Low price. 

Pros: the design of multimedia buttons is too simple. 


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