Top 10 Richest Beggars In The World

Number 1 Simonright

Simon’s right is a professional beggar. The 37-year-old London man spends at least eight hours each day and extra time on the weekends standing on London’s streets, begging for money. He dresses in ratty clothes, and he walks with his dog. His area of choice is next to a NatWest cashpoint that is close to the railway station. Each day, thousands of commuters walk by and give him money. He makes about fifty thousand pounds per year each night, he goes home to his 300thousand pound flat in Fulham, begging on the streets of West London pays really well

Number two Asia

Asia was a 100-year-old woman who spent her days panhandling in the town of Jeddah. She was blind, and for years, she would sit on the street, and tattered clothing, begging people for money. People would see this old blind woman on the roads, and they would feel bad. When she put out her tin cup, the people passing by had no problem putting money in helping the homeless woman. When she passed away, it turned out that she wasn’t as low as she wanted everyone to think. When she got sick, she gave her will to a friend and asked him not to read it until she had passed. When she died, and her will was read, it turned out that she has Saudi riyal three million in cash, which is the equivalent of eight hundred thousand US dollars. She also had Saudi riyal 1 million worth of jewelry, which is the equivalent of 226000 dollars. She even owned four buildings in the AlBalad district of Jeddah. She left all of her assets to the homeless people that she knew from the streets.

Number 3: Sambhaji Kalle

Sumbhajee Kalle doesn’t have a traditional job. He and his family of four spend their days begging for money. He lives in Mumbai, where begging can be very profitable. After a day of begging, the family can bring home one thousand rupees. The family has managed to save forty thousand rupees in the bank, and they have a few thousand rupees in investment companies. They retire to either their flat in VR or one of their two houses in Seouloh poor.


Number 4: Krishna Kumar

Gita Krishna Kumar Gita is another beggar from Mumbai. He spends his days begging at his favorite spot at CP tank near the Chari Road. He dresses in rags to appear very poor. However, he makes more money each day than many people who give him money each day. He makes about 1,500rupees when he has done panhandling for the day. He heads home to the flat that he owns in Nala, separate

Number 5: Irwin Corey Berwyn

Cory is a 97-year-old man from New York City. For the last 17 years, he has been walking up and down 35th Street in Manhattan, panhandling. He hasn’t always been a panhandler for years. He had an acting and comedy career. He has even performed alongside legends, including Jackie Gleason and Woody Allen. he lives worth 3.5 million dollars. It is located in the East Midtown section of Manhattan when he is collecting money on the streets. He makes between $100 and $250 a day what makes him different from the top ten richest beggars globally. He gives the money that he collects to a charity in Cuba that buys medical supplies for children. He invests some of his money in newspapers that he sells on the street. This is the money that he lives on

Number 6: Laxmi Das

Laxmi Das has been begging near high tea, a busy road junction in northern Calcutta, for the last 44 years. She was only 16 years old when she started panhandling. She spent very little of the money that she received to support herself her whole life. When she was 60 years old, she went to the bank and deposited 200 pounds of coins that filled four buckets

Number 7: Will Anderson

Will Anderson is a 43-year-old former stagehand from New York City. He spends his days with his nine-year-old dog Rizzo. He has been begging for money for many years.  His favorite spots are near the Grand Central Terminal and on East 42nd Street between Vanderbilt and Madison Avenues. He sits on the street with his dog and a sign that reads spare change for me and my pup. According to Anderson, he makes about $200 per hour, which is a pretty good salary for someone who does nothing all day.

Number 9 Gary Thompson

Gary Thompson is originally from Texas, but he now lives in Lexington, Kentucky. he gets around in a wheelchair, which he says he needs because he has difficulty walking. He even has trouble using his hands. what most people don’t know is that he pretends to be mentally and physically handicapped to earn money panhandling. He says that he makes up to 100,000 dollars each year begging for money on the streets.

Number 10:  Ma Suma

Ma Suma Su is a beggar from India. Each morning he takes an auto-rickshaw to his favorite begging spot. When he gets there, he changes his clothes and spends eight to ten hours a day begging for money before heading back home. He says that he makes fifteen hundred rupees, and he is a millionaire. Most people who give him money while he is begging have no idea that his net worth is higher than theirs. He says that panhandling requires long days, but it is worth it.

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