Top 10 Largest Hotels In The World

The world is full of hotels. Some are luxurious, others are expensive, while a few are small but beautiful. The world also has the most prominent and tallest hotels in height. But today, we are going to discuss the top 10 largest hotels in the world in terms of the number of rooms have.

1.- The Izmailovo (Moscow) Russia

7,500 rooms

The four towers that make up this hotel have names that belong to the Greek universe: gamma-delta, Beta, Vega, and Alpha. Each of them has 30 floors and houses a total of 7,500 rooms. The luxury of its interior is impressive, but so are its external dimensions.

2.- MGM Grand and Signature (Las Vegas) the United States

6,772 rooms

It was built in 1993, and each of its towers has 30 floors. It is the most iconic and well-known hotel in Las Vegas for being a regular venue for events and performances that includes concerts and boxing matches. The stories that have lived its walls are innumerable.

3.- The First Wold Hotel (Kuala Lumpur) Malaysia

6,118 rooms

It is built near the Genting theme park to aim that everyone who goes to visit it stays there, and they have done it many times. In recent years they have been renovating it so that everyone who sees it feels like new again, a strategy with good results.

4.- Disney All-Star Resort ( Orlando) the United States

5,658 rooms

If you go to Disney World, it is to stay and enjoy one of the hotels in the park as if it were just another attraction. Inside there are three different establishments divided by themes (music, movies, and sports) and united as if they were one. According to your tastes, you can choose the one you like the most.

5.- The Wynn and Encore (Las Vegas) the United States

4,748 rooms

They are two luxury hotels, brothers, which were made in 2005 and 2008, respectively. In addition to everything a luxury hotel has, they have their golf course and a Ferrari dealership. It is not surprising that a city like Las Vegas repeats several times on this list.

6.- The Luxor ( Las Vegas) the United States

4,400 rooms

And it is that the city of a thousand casinos repeats itself, showing the traffic of people so abundant that they visit it. This is one of the most colorful hotels. A pyramid-shaped building with a sphinx at the door was built in 1993 and is a favorite with tourists and locals.

7.- The Mandalay Bay ( Las Vegas) the United States

4,337 rooms

Inside it has the largest convention center in the United States, a chapel, a shopping center, a spa, and one of the most popular casinos in the city. Its rooms have prices starting at € 70, a reasonably affordable figure for the demand in Las Vegas.

8.- The Ambassador City ( Pattaya) Thailand

4,210 rooms

On the beachfront in Pattaya is this hotel whose interior is divided into themes. It is one of the oldest luxury hotels in the country and one of the most popular with tourists. A corner of the planet only suitable for the privileged with an extensive portfolio.

9.- The Venetian (Las Vegas) the United States

4,027 rooms

Las Vegas’ dominance on this list continues with The Venetian. Its facilities, inside and out, make you feel in the country of the boot. Gondoliers walk through its canals, and inside, it houses many luxury shops and haute cuisine restaurants. A trip through the Italian city in the USA

10.- The Excalibur ( Las Vegas) the United States

3,981 rooms

It is one of the biggest and funniest in the world. Its theme is medieval, and inside there are all kinds of entertainment for guests and theaters, shops, and restaurants. For this reason, since its opening, it has become one of the most demanded in the city.

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