Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards Of 2021

For every gamer, the keyboard is one of the primary devices. Unfortunately, bright and aggressive design is not the key to buying a useful gadget with a quick response, maximum reliability, and ease of operation. It is essential to pay attention to various aspects: from the type of technology to additional functions, buttons, convenience of programming macros, lighting, etc. We offer you our ranking of the best keyboards of 2020, designed with key characteristics and price/quality ratios in mind. The list includes models for PCs of different categories of users. Classification of gamer keyboards:

  1. Membranes are low-middle-of-price models. These models have short lifespans, but they are quiet;
  2. Mechanical is a premium model whose clicking resource ranges from 50 to 70 million clicks.



In this category, the membrane models are assembled, the keys of which are attached to the rubber membrane. This element is responsible for resisting and returning the button to the place. Unfortunately, such models have a short lifespan – membranes quickly lose their properties. On average, they withstand 5 to 10 million clicks. Also, such gadgets support a small number of simultaneous clicks, inadequate response compared to mechanical counterparts. Plus, even premium models are cheaper than simple mechanical counterparts. Besides, they’re quieter.

5: Defender Werewolf GK-120DL

Opens our top 10 gaming keyboards membrane model Defender Werewolf series GK-120DL RU RGB with improved ergonomics and a basic set of useful features for avid gamers. Among the device’s features should include the ability to switch the cursor arrows on the keys WASD, lock system buttons OS, and recognize several pressed buttons. Also, the manufacturer took care of the presence of an excellent, bright lighting rainbow type. The inclination angle is straightforward to control with the legs, similarly and with the illumination’s brightness. The operation’s long life is due to the metal bottom, wicker structure of the cable, and a gilded USB connector. It should be added that the design is not afraid of moisture. There is a ferritic interference filter.


  • Low cost
  • Metal base;
  • Ferrit’s jamming filter
  • Backlight.


  • bad waterproofing.

4: A4Tech Bloody B120

Speaking of the best membrane keyboards for games, it is difficult to ignore the Bloody model B120 from one of the top manufacturers of A4Tech. Judging by gamers’ comments, the model is characterized by high response accuracy and one millisecond response time. There’s an Auto/Turbo Shot feature that can use you to assign your macros. The randomness of double clicks is reduced to a minimum due to the convenient angle of the buttons. The model’s LED lighting, programmed in 5 levels, deserves special attention: from 0 to 100%. There are seven multimedia hotkeys out of the box. The coating is water-repellent, so do not have to worry about the liquids entering the body – there is a particular hole for water runoff. This guarantees a long life for the device.


  • Reaction time
  • Water repellent coating;
  • Minimalist design
  • The lifespan of the buttons.


  • We are adjusting the illumination.

3: Genius Scorpion K9

Suppose you do not know what to buy a game keyboard on a membrane basis. In that case, we recommend paying attention to the model Genius Scorpion K9, which attracts incomparable lighting, 14 multimedia keys, and an anti-ghosting function (perceives up to 19 simultaneous presses). The downside of the model is that it’s pretty massive, but it prevents it from sliding across the table. The illumination supports brightness adjustment. The advantages of this device should include good build quality, comfort in operation, and long life. According to the manufacturer, the model can withstand up to 10,000,000 clicks, which is a good enough indicator, given the features of this keyboard.


  • Anti-ghosting;
  • Adjusting the brightness of the illumination;
  • Lifetime
  • Click resource.


  • heavy keyboard.

2: Logitech G G213 Prodigy

It is quite challenging to find a durable solution among the membrane keyboards, but we succeeded. We are talking about the Logitech G213 Prodigy model with a thin, elegant, waterproof body. According to the manufacturer, the model’s strengths should be a super-fast and accurate response, which is four times higher than the characteristics of classic models. There is a game matrix responsible for preventing non-positive and random clicks. The lighting supports up to 16.8 million colors and provides for each button to be set up. Naturally, there are select buttons for quick media control.


  • The number of backlit colors
  • Lifetime
  • Additional buttons
  • protection from bowls.


  • The lights are too bright.

1: ASUS TUF Gaming K1

The best membrane gaming keyboard of 2020 is the TUF Gaming K1 model, which has an enhanced lifespan and excellent design. Custom comments indicate silent work, excellent tactile response, and moisture protection: withstands up to 300 milliliters of spilled liquid. Another strength is the ability to process signals from 19 simultaneous clicks. The model received a convenient volume control, an excellent removable stand under the wrist, implemented a superb illumination. With the Armoury Crate app, you can adjust the backlight based on a wide range of shades. It is worth noting the presence of 8 programmable buttons, with which you can record macros. Built-in memory is enough to save personal settings at once four users.


  • Good running buttons;
  • Lighting options
  • Macro binding
  • The quality of the case;
  • moisture protection.


  • No detection has been revealed.


Mechanical keyboards are more suitable for gamers, as they are considered more reliable and convenient. 50 to 70 million clicks can withstand. Simultaneously, the buttons of mechanical models of this class work faster than that of membrane analogs. Typically, the signal is formed before the key is pressed to the top position. Tactile response in games is critical. Besides, you won’t feel tired over time, and these devices support simultaneous clicks. The downside is that they make more noise – after each click, there is a characteristic click.

5: HyperX Alloy PRO

Our rating of gaming keyboards 2020 is supplemented by the mechanical model HyperX Alloy FPS. Representatives of this line are reliable, durable, and designed for first-class gaming. The full-size model is devoid of a digital block: only the CHERRY,’ the CHERRY® MX, and the base keys. The whole steel frame’s long life, removable cable, and auxiliary kits: Anti-Ghosting and N-key Rollover are guaranteed. At the same time, each key provides a selection of a particular light effect. The box is illuminated in red.


  • Anti-Ghosting;
  • N-key;
  • CHERRY® MX switches;
  • Life.


  • red light.

4: A4Tech Bloody B810R

Of course, one of the fastest keyboards for mechanical games this year is the Bloody B810R USB model. The device differs favorably from most analogs with the innovative technology Light Strike, which is optical switches that guarantee high response speed. A maximum of 0.2 milliseconds. Compared to previous models, the keystroke speed was increased by 25%. Another plus is long-lasting technology, which guarantees a pleasant print sound that doesn’t go away over time. However, according to buyers, the sound is loud. The device has a lifespan of 100 million clicks. Given the appointment, it is not surprising that a personal RGB stand is available. The special coating prevents moisture from entering the body.


  • Reaction rate
  • Long-lasting;
  • Lifetime
  • Good lighting.


  • Noise.

3: DefenderRedragon Hara

Our list of the best gamer keyboards with bright backlight and comfortable stand also looks very solid against the competition model Hara Black from the company Redragon. The model was explicitly designed to ensure that professional players enjoy the game processor. For obvious reasons, high-quality keys with a quick response and no erasing mechanism are installed. Life is up to 100 million clicks. At the same time, the model corresponds to its appearance. The lighting can be customized in 6 modes. The long life of the aluminum base also guarantees long life. Also, the device is not afraid of moisture. As for the speed of reaction, it is also due to long-lasting mechanical switches OUTEMU Blue.


  • Loyal cost
  • Excellent illumination;
  • Click resource
  • OUTEMU Blue switches.

2: ASUS TUF Gaming K7

The best gaming keyboard is the ASUS TUF Gaming K7 model with optical-mechanical switches. The delay in these controllers’ positives is 25 times less than in comparison with the classic mechanical counterparts. At the same time, the tactile response is no different. It is worth noting the chic resource of 100 million clicks. This figure is twice the time of operation of conventional mechanical switches. The keyboard has an excellent LED light, which can be customized for each button. Memory is enough to save the settings of 3 profiles. It is worth noting the high quality of the design, stylish design, and positive feedback from ordinary users and gamers.


  • Response time
  • Click resource
  • Protected case
  • Excellent illumination;
  • macro record.


  • Not found.

1: Dark Project KD1A

The best gaming keyboard of 2020, taking into account the price/quality ratio, is the Dark Project KD1A model, equipped with optical switches from Gateron. Judging by buyers’ feedback, they work instantly, and their resource is approaching 100 million clicks. The side-drawing of symbols distinguishes this model on the buttons, which creates additional comfort in operation. The advantages of the device should also include the fact that the keycaps are made using dual-casting technology, and the material itself is a wear-resistant PBT plastic. And this is against the background of the stylish classic design of the model and high-quality optical-mechanical switches, attracting durability and long life. At the same time, each user will quickly replace the buttons, quickly adapting the keyboard to themselves, thanks to the Hot Swap system.


  • Lifetime
  • The technology of making keycaps;
  • the quality material of keycaps;
  • Stylish classic design.


  • Not found.


Thus, if tactile sensations are not essential for you, you can pay attention to cheaper membrane products with low noise levels. If you do not know how to choose a game keyboard with long life, quick response, and ease of operation, it is worth looking at mechanical models. At the same time, it is worth paying attention to the following characteristics:

  1. Tactile response – it is desirable that the action is carried out already in the middle of the course. With such a quick reaction, fingers will get tired less, as you do not have to press the keys to the end.
  2. The smoothness of the course – after the passage of the critical path, mechanical models make a loud click, resembling a typewriter. Typically, for advanced models, the force of pressing is about 45 grams. This figure starts from 60 grams for membranes, and you have to clamp the keys to the end. Over time, the gums lose their elasticity. That’s a big drawback.
  3. Macro buttons – with these options, users can record a combination of multiple taps, which is very useful for some games. As a rule, such keys are taken to a separate row or column.
  4. Lighting – modern models support not only a few lighting settings but also the control of individual buttons. This will allow you to better navigate at night. Some manufacturers additionally equip some keys with special rubberized spray to improve the clutch.
  5. The location of the keys – the height and width of the buttons can be different. There are no specific tips


Conclusion: the purchase of a gaming keyboard is individual. Oddly enough, many users choose less convenient and reliable membrane models only because they are quiet. However, even mechanical models do not always meet expectations because not many users are responsible enough for the height, location of keys, and response speed. If you do not know which keyboard to buy, it is advisable to try different tactile sensations models. If you don’t have this option, pay attention to comparing other gadgets online. Read the reviews, see the ratings. Let’s sum up one of them:

  • low-cost gaming keyboard – Defender Werewolf GK-120DL RU;
  • good membrane model – ASUS TUF Gaming K1;
  • Balanced mechanical keyboard – Dark Project KD1B;
  • The best solution for gamers: ASUS TUF Gaming K7.

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