To accompany your house! Easy snack recipe that you can make quickly


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If you’re getting a little tired of your usual snacks… Introducing the idea snacks you should try. Everything you can make in a short time, from those that use ingredients that are easily available at convenience stores to those that you can do with just one ingredient and those that can consume plenty of seasonal ingredients that tend to be left over.

For alcoholic drinks and side dishes! Easy snack in 10 minutes

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Introducing 6 simple snacks that you can prepare in 10 minutes, which you can prepare immediately if you want to drink! Don’t miss the menu that uses smart ingredients such as mackerel cans and salad chicken that are easily available at convenience stores.

All of them are easy, but they look and taste as if they were in a store. It seems to be useful as a side dish when you are a little unsatisfactory.

Posted on 2019.11.09

How to eat avocado deliciously! Stir-fried exquisite oyster sauce completed in 3 minutes

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Avocado is delicious even if you eat it as it is, but when you put it on fire, it becomes more creamy and rich in flavor.

If you fry it quickly and entangle it with oyster sauce, it will be a delicious snack that will not stop your hands. The oyster sauce’s brown eyes and garlic aroma are accents, and it goes well with beer!

2018.08.05 Post

There was such a way of eating! New sense of fashionable “nuts” recipe

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The standard nuts for snacks have a different taste with a little effort. Introducing three products: “Nuttoko no Ahijo”, “Basil cheese roasted nuts”, and “Nuts tartine”.

All are easy to look, but they are fashionable, and you will want to try them right away. Try white wine in the summer!

February 26, 2016

Must-see for shiso! Stir-fried pork belly and eggplant noodles with plenty of 1 bunch

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“Pork Rose & Eggplant Nappura Stir Fry”, which uses plenty of green leaves and green leaves, is the strongest dish to accompany carbonated sake such as beer, highballs and sour!

There is no doubt that liquor will progress due to the fat of pork and the saltiness of Nampula. The point is that the aroma of the leaves is refreshing and you won’t get tired of eating it. It is also excellent as a menu that also consumes large amounts of large leaves.

2018.07.22 Post

If you have delicious snacks, the quality of drinking at home will be greatly improved. Why don’t you master the recipes you can make quickly and enjoy a slow drink?


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