The virtues of turmeric mask for your face

The famous turmeric, a bright yellow spice, was giving a characteristic flavor.

It is a spice found in powder form. It is also possible to see it in a new version, in the way of a root. It is always advisable to grate turmeric to have better virtues and maximum efficiency. The turmeric mask is a mask well known for its many advantages. Let’s discover together its integrity for the beauty of your face!

This article will offer you miracle masks based on turmeric, very useful with many virtues.

Homemade Turmeric Mask

What are the benefits of turmeric?

Turmeric is already known for centuries for its incredible physical and mental health benefits, especially for the skin with its anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant content. These two properties are the properties sought in the world or the universe of beauty. Many commercial products are made from turmeric.

In India, women before their marriage used to coat themselves with turmeric paste. The whole body will be covered with turmeric paste to have maximum effect on the skin to prepare for the big day. It’s been a ritual that’s been practiced for many years!

The benefits of a turmeric-based mask

Turmeric reduces inflammation, such as the pockets under the eyes. Also, it provides a radiant effect on the skin. Besides, turmeric blurs skin pigmentation and stains. The turmeric mask is beneficial if you have acne or eczema.

Tutorial: Recipes from homemade turmeric masks

Honey turmeric mask

Take a teaspoon of turmeric in purple, a teaspoon of honey (organic), another teaspoon of aloe gel, unsweetened vegetable milk, or plain yogurt (one teaspoon). Then add 10 to 20 drops of turmeric oil, a more convenient essential oil than turmeric powder (so as not to strain).

Once the ingredients are put together in a bowl, mix gently, and then apply to the face.

Important note

Usually, we avoid working at the contours of the eyes, but this time, since our goal is to reduce dark circles, we advise you to gently and gently pass the mixture at the contours without getting too close to your eyes.

Last step for the honey turmeric mask

You finally let the mixture work for about 20 minutes at most, until you feel that the dough has become quite dry on your face.

You can make this mask several times a week! The prepared dough should be kept cool away from the sun.

After the mask, wash your face with an exfoliator or de-encrust because, as you know, turmeric leaves stains. Be careful!

It is best to wear disposable gloves when preparing the honey turmeric mask not to stain your hands. The stains can last even 24 hours.

Pay attention to your clothes and the different fabrics close to you.

Honey turmeric mask review

Comments from the various people who have tried this turmeric honey maskreview:

“Instant good-looking effect, more even complexion, pink cheeks, less visible dark circles, lightening turmeric mask.”

“Decreased pimples on the chin, effective for acne, matte skin for hours, it’s amazing this mask suits me perfectly despite my oily skin.”

Honey-based turmeric mask for glowing skin (different ingredients)

The banana puree mixed with a turmeric powder (1/2 teaspoon of coffee) with a teaspoon of honey all together forms a beneficial creamy mixture when applied to the face. Indeed, this combination of ingredients gives a stunning effect on your face, a concealer effect, brightening for radiant skin with a successful honey-based blend.

Good to know

The famous turmeric is a spice that softens your skin, enriches it with minerals and vitamins. Turmeric has a lightening and soothing effect on rough skin. In addition to its exfoliating effect, the mask made from honey and turmeric is recommended to shrink large pores (anti-acne).


Turmeric is a miracle spice. Thanks to its virtues, you can have smooth skin glowing and looking good without taking pills to fight pimples on the face and acne. This mask may also contain lemon for a brighter effect (about 30 minutes).

Finally, the miracle turmeric mask enriches your face and body and embellishes your skin’s texture quality. The editor encourages you to apply it with your eyes closed!

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