The multicolored effect reaches beautiful nails

The nail design known as nail art Come back stomping. Last week we took out the nails with colored tips and the French one with a diagonal line, without forgetting that the star applications are worn, among other decorations.

Today we want to give space to a trend that, although it is not rabid today (it was seen last winter on Instagram), it is now when it begins to flourish in the hands of the most manicure lovers.

Multicolor gradient nails

These are degraded nails, also known as ombré. It’s a way to paint your nails, one of each color, ordering them from darkest to lightest.

“It is best to use the darkest shade on the nail of the thumb and, from there, choose lighter shades, within the same range, down to the little finger,” he explains. Anabel Gismera, owner of the Oasis Urbano Nail Bar center in Barcelona.

The explanation is that the dark tones make the nails smaller and, therefore, we reserve them for the larger nails.

You can do this manicure ombré in whatever harmony you like. For example, that of neutrals, with stone, bull’s blood and porcelain, and some mole or rose interspersed. Also in different intensities of pink, green, blue … Give it imagination!

We find the option of neutrals particularly original and elegant, as in this image rescued from Instagram:

Now that you know it’s in style, take inspiration from the manicures in multicolour gradient effect that we have selected for you on Instagram:

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