The Most Expensive Hotel Suite In The United States: 65,000 Euros Per Night

The Mark Hotel in Manhattan (New York) now offers the most expensive hotel suite in the United States. One night costs 75,000 dollars (65,000 euros). If you are interested, you should send an email, as booking the suite through the website is impossible.

The Mark Hotel is located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and was built in 1927. It was completely renovated from 2006 to 2009. The interior space of the building was entirely designed by the famous French designer Jacques Grange.

The Mark Penthouse: a 1,000 square meter suite

On the 16th and 17th floor of the hotel are a 1,000 square meter suite with five bedrooms, four fireplaces, six bathrooms, and two bars (see video below). The living room, whose ceiling is 26 meters high, is located in the corner tower of the building and is large enough to be transformed into a ballroom. Outside, a 250 square meter rooftop terrace offers views of Central Park (photo below).

Although the penthouse is not new, it is now rented for the first time in the night. Before that, it served as a house. The penthouse occupancy rate currently hovers around 50%.

© Mark Hotel

The price is not exaggerated.

The price may seem exaggerated, but it is not. At the Four Seasons, the TyWarner penthouse is available for $ 64,000 (55,000 euros) per night. However, this penthouse is only 418 square meters and has only one bedroom and a balcony.

The Plaza Hotel, at the corner of 5th Avenue, offers a three-bedroom royal suite of 450 square meters for around $ 40,000 per night. The bathroom is decorated with 24 gold lights. This suite has a fully equipped fitness room and a kitchen with a chef.

The Mandarin Oriental offers a three-bedroom 330 square meter suite with a contemporary art collection curated by Whitewall magazine for $ 36,000 a night.

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