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Lately on Instagram we are experiencing a revival Teen. Women who had said goodbye to the beans fifteen years ago, see how they return because of the protective masks.

Last week we said that it is normal to find irritations from rubbing, in addition to acne outbreaks, eczema and folliculitis. All this caused because the skin does not breathe well and the pores are clogged.

If, in addition, the mask material rubs against skin that is not strong, irritations appear in the areas where the mask rests. Check if it is the right mask. “It is important to use a model that fits well but does not cut the circulation,” says Dr. Ana Molina, dermatologist at the Jiménez Díaz Foundation.

Beauty plan allied with the mask

The expert recommends using light creams during the day to begin with. “If you wear the mask for many hours, the skin in that area will sweat more and that can cause irritation, and more if it’s hot,” he says.

To this, he adds that the light cream is with a sunscreen because part of the solar radiation can pass through the tissue of the mask. Don’t forget: apply it as always, all over your face, neck and ears.

Creams for irritations

In this complete plan that solves the side effects of the mask, night is considered as an ally.

If you notice that the mask irritates you, take advantage to restore the skin while you sleep. How? “With thick creams and after a good cleaning, avoiding those days retinoids and hydroxy acids if there is a lot of irritation,” says Dr. Molina.

Some creams proposed by the expert dermatologist to calm irritation are Hyseac R Restructuring cream from Uriag or Sensibio Rich from Bioderma. Also, this time to repair, he recommends Cicaplast gel B5 from La Roche Posay or Cicabio from Bioderma. Below you will find information on prices and where to buy these creams.

Invisible Band-Aid

If for your work you need to wear the mask for many hours, you can resort to a balm type cream and put it on the support areas in a thick layer and thus serve as an invisible band aid.

Remember that it has already been said that neither cosmetics nor facial creams facilitate the spread of the virus.

Two invisible strips for two different budgets. Yves Rocher has launched a new Nourishing Balm for Sensitive Skin from the Sensitive Camomile line that nourishes, hydrates and immediately calms dryness, eliminates tingling sensations and strengthens the skin, reducing its sensitivity. All this for € 11.95.

Luxury also has its own invisible band aid. Guerlain’s Black Bee Honey Balm is an iconic balm that many women have treasured in their toiletry kit. Laura Romero, Guerlain training director, explains that it serves to protect the skin that is going to be exposed to chafing and the lack of perspiration caused by the masks. Forms a protective film that prevents damage and softens the skin. It has a regenerating and repairing action that helps calm annoying sensations. You want it? You have it for € 55.

For his part, Albina Estévez, director of training at LancômeYou know which areas suffer the most from the continuous use of masks. “The contact areas, that is, the cheekbones, behind the ears, the neck, the chin, must be especially well attended,” he points out and specifies: “With creamy and rich formulas powerful in the regeneration of the skin. For example, Absolue Rich Cream by Lancôme contains rose extract for a recovery of the hydrolipidic barrier and a good regeneration of the skin. Regenerates, nourishes and revitalizes the skin from the first use ”.

Below you will find information on prices and where to buy these creams.

Ana Gallego, pharmacist and director of Dra. Schrammek in Spain, It contributes something interesting: keeping the skin’s microbiota balanced will ensure that other pathogenic microorganisms that grow on the skin’s surface do not proliferate in the humid environment due to breathing and sweat. Its Probiosense cream contains pro and prebiotics, therefore, it helps the skin to maintain its microbiota in optimal conditions, especially now that it is subjected to stressful situations, due to the use of masks.

“If the skin is very sensitive, use it morning and night after cleaning. If you use it as a reinforcement system, apply it at night after cleaning and in the morning continue with your usual care routine, “he recommends.

Now that you know why experts recommend this type of cream to ally the use of your protective mask, choose which one you will buy:

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