Saoirse Ronan knows how to tie a bun

Before we know it, the scorching heat will be here. By then, although we already have our cut and color retouched (thanks to the expected opening of hairdressing salons), not every day will be a party.

Some of them will surely, like every year, want to shave our heads to zero.

As we are not going to spend two months with a simple ponytail and, in addition, this year the thing promises to be a little more overwhelming, due to the need to cover ourselves with protective masks, it is time to think about collected for the heat.

Mistress of the bun

Before that time comes when thermometers go off, let’s get a good battery of ideas that inspire different pickups. And let’s look, then, at a woman who has brought the bow tie theme to goddess levels.

We are talking about Saoirse Ronan, the New York actress who has given life to the most recent Jo March in Mujercitas (Greta Gerwig, 2019). An elegant actress who says goodbye to the clonic look of photocall embracing a thousand and one ways to dominate the collection.

Romantic, minimalist, geometric and even with a rock point. Saoirse has all the ribbons that you are going to do this summer.

In this album of her appearances on the red carpet you will find inspiration to wear your hair in all imaginable styles. You will have one for each occasion.

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