Run the spa at home like Lily Collins

If you are lacking ideas to relax and cope in these days of confinement, do as the actress Lily Collins (Guildford, United Kingdom, 31) and put on a spa at home.

How? In the way that she explained yesterday during the direct that she did in the Instagram profile of Lancôme (brand of which she is an ambassador), along with Lisa Eldridge, makeup artist and global creative director of the brand.

Lily told her friend and makeup artist who lives these days as on a roller coaster: “Some days I wake up wanting to cry and others say: Well, one more day is one less day, we will get it!” Meanwhile, she spends her days cleaning the house like crazy and listening podcast on mindfulness.

Meditation helps me focus on what’s important, not the absurd details that sometimes worry me. I have a book of short meditations called The language of letting go that gives me something to think about every day. ”

The British actress, who currently resides in Los Angeles with her boyfriend, American film director and writer Charlie McDowell, declares herself addicted to podcast. “I have fallen into your world like a rabbit in a burrow. As I clean, instead of playing music, I listen to chapter after chapter. ” Your favorites? The happiness Lab and The one you feed.

“Being isolated and without contact with people has made me appreciate the simple pleasure of hearing the voice of someone who speaks to me. Right now, a podcast is the closest thing to a conversation we had on a daily basis before confinement. I miss sitting in a restaurant and listening to people chatting in the background, ”he tells Lisa.

Self-care moment

This moment of introspection and search of the here and now seems to Lily the ideal to enhance beauty routines. “It is a way of loving yourself,” she explains. And it abounds: “You cannot hug your friends or your family, but you can take care of yourself.” She does it every day in a very personal beauty ritual that mixes cosmetics, breathing and relaxing aromas.

“I really miss the pampering and luxurious moments of being on a stretcher receiving a facial, so every afternoon I wear the Advanced Génifique mask Lancôme Flash Effect Hydrogel Flux Mask, I vaporize some relaxing essences around the room and I do a self-massage on my back with the roller.

Afterward, I fill the tub with warm water, essential oils, cucumber slices, and lemon wedges and immerse myself in it, fantasizing that I’m in a spa

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