Readings to take better care of yourself

Four books written from professional experience and a fantastic guide. The five seek to advise you so that you take better care of yourself inside and out and that you look and feel fabulously good while expanding your knowledge.

The first is the hair bible, written by María Baras, artistic director of the legendary Cheska show in Madrid and stylist from Pantene. Packed with tips on how to care for your hair so it is healthy and therefore shiny, strong and looking its best. Its reading is very pleasant because the tone is easy to understand, despite its expert content.

Although it relies on some professionals such as dermatologists or nutritionists to assert some aspects related to healthy hair growth, the true interest of the book You can also have great hair (Harper Collins, 2020) is to absorb the entire experience of its author after 20 years scissors.

Of makeup

On the other hand, there is another book that is already in presale and will finally come out on June 16, which is also written from mere professional experience. A makeup manual for real women. Ana Aparichi, professional makeup artist with great notoriety on social networks, she has collected in her book a philosophy that she shows in photos every day: how makeup can change the way of facing the world of women with all kinds of skin problems.

Not that he is limited to that type of makeup, but it can be said to be his forte. We all remember her for it. Cover an angioma, hide a vitiligo, cover a stain … while giving women shine in the eyes and expressiveness on the lips. Colors, textures and an impeccable professional technique at the service of the happiness of each woman who puts herself in his hands.

Aparichi maintains that makeup is one more tool for women’s empowerment, a self-care tool with which one can show love for oneself: “Make-up is not about putting on a mask, but about taking out our best version, both exterior and interior, that real beauty that is above any product or fashion ”.

In this book are all the tips and tricks that you have been applying for years.

Diet without hoaxes

At this moment in which the networks offer us so much information about nutrition, it is when it can be said that we are less informed. According to the author of the book Enraged Dietitian (Zenith, 2020), so much about overinformation is actually disinformation. From his alter ego on social networks, @dietistaenfurecida, Virginia Gómez, dietitian-nutritionist from the Universitat de València With an online consultation specialized in digestive pathologies, he is dedicated to spreading healthy nutrition and is enraged with the hoaxes that his patients transmit to him in consultation.

“Many patients come repeating totally wrong mantras about what to do or not to do to eat properly,” he explains and justifies that this book was born from there. From the need to dismantle, with foundation and without hair on the tongue, the lies that circulate through the network, in addition to offering key concepts to keep in mind to achieve a good diet.

This book gathers useful data to discover the truth regarding, for example, the consumption of carbohydrates, proteins and fats; about vegetarian or vegan food, or organic or transgenic foods. Thus, we will understand what is truly important in nutrition and we will have the necessary tools to make good decisions when it comes to eating.

On emotional eating and diet culture

A professional combination of a dietician, nutritionist and psychologist analyze the attitude of people towards the act of eating and how, at the present time, the culture of diet can lead to frustrating people suffering from what is known as “emotional hunger”.

The act of eating not only responds to physical hunger and has a different meaning for everyone. These experts analyze all the factors that lead a person to eat more or less than what their body demands and also why we sometimes eat without hunger.

The book is from Victoria Lozada and Carlos Moratilla, dietitian nutritionist expert in eating disorders and psychologist, respectively, and it is titled Why do you eat like you eat (Platform, 2020).

To enjoy running

Finally, a guide to dream. Runners in the world, thanks to Lonely Planet you can now trace your routes across the planet. Because dreaming is free, runners around the world They have selected 50 incredible races around the planet – and another 150 suggestions – in 60 countries on five continents. With impressive photographs, maps and useful practical details.

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