Prepare for the wardrobe change

The straps are coming, the shorts and maybe even crop top. To your good eating habits and the effort to continue exercising, whether in your free time outdoors, or at home in front of the tablet, you have to add a good body cosmetic routine.

The objective, from here to uncover, is improve the appearance of your skin, illuminate it and treat swelling, sagging and cellulite.

Body cosmetics (and no cosmetics) work miracles but, if you choose the correct assets and you apply them with constancy and the right massage, she is very grateful.

Caffeine that helps deflate, DMAE or proteoglycans that reaffirm flaccid areas, algae that reduce, acids that soften and provide a point of light… It all helps when you are looking to improve your rebellious areas ”.

And above all, remember: how you apply it is just as important – or more – than what you apply.

Learn, zone by zone, to give your body creams and then choose which one, or which ones, you will buy:

Tense abdomen

Combining exercises that strengthen the muscles, it is useful to apply cream that provides firmness to the skin. It is applied like this:

  • Put a firming cream nut on the palm of your hand.
  • With circular movements that follow clockwise, spread the product throughout the belly. This ritual must be followed every day.
  • If there is no excess excess volume (and only flaccidity), the movements must be with both palms extended, in smooth movements from the navel to the waist, always from the inside out.

Legs and arms like whips

Firming leg and arm cosmetics should be applied regularly in the morning and at night each day.

Circular massages should be carried out insisting between the armpit area and the elbow, upwards, or the knee and groin, areas that tend to cutaneous relaxation.

ATTENTION! It is important that, if you have a lot of flaccidity in the area of ​​the abductor, do not apply there neither anti-cellulite nor reducing cream, but always firming cream ”.

Firm bust

For the breast cream to work well, combine it with a self-massage:

  1. Apply the cream on the neckline and spread it with the right hand towards the left shoulder and with the left hand towards the right shoulder. Repeat twice on each chest.
  2. Rub your palms together with quick strokes to produce heat and electricity, place them on your chest, and draw circular movements around each chest. The one with the right hand, clockwise. The other, on the contrary. If your palms start to lose heat, stop and rub your hands again. Make between 150 and 200 rotations of two seconds each.
  3. Wrap the left breast with the right hand and gently lift it toward the left shoulder. Do the same with the other hand on the other breast. Repeat 10 times on each chest.
  4. Perform smoothing movements with both hands from the top of the areola to the shoulder. Repeat 5-10 times on each chest.
  5. Draw with your hand an mano eight ’that goes from the end of one chest to the end of the other, passing under both. Start with the right hand to the left side and switch. Repeat 10 times each way.

And cellulite?

To apply any anti-cellulite, there is a specific protocol:

Now that you know how much massage helps, choose what body cream with a reducing and firming effect you will buy:

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