Over 500 Business Ideas For Start Ups For 2021

Would you like to start your own business, and are you looking for a successful business idea? We show many examples of useful concepts from fashion, design, food, and digitization to winning startup competitions. You will find numerous examples of good business ideas here: a wide variety of business models and different industries, the best business ideas of the past year, business ideas from America, or crazy business ideas.

We will also introduce you to the top 10 franchises to successfully business ideas as a franchisee. Let yourself be inspired. Finding practical business ideas is not difficult.

Our three most essential reading tips for everything to do with business ideas

Before we introduce you to many different business ideas from other areas and industries below, we would like to give you three reading tips: Find out about the top 50 startups as inspiration for a completely new business idea, about business ideas in the area of ​​franchising, if You are looking for a tried and tested business model.

Our business idea check shows you how to put your business idea through its paces.

Business ideas: examples and support for your idea

You can find your right business idea and successfully set it up. We offer you a wealth of suggestions and concepts.

  1. An overview of popular business ideas
  2. Choose from 1,000 franchise business ideas
  3. From crazy to sustainable: good business ideas categorized for you
  4. Highlights from the business ideas of previous years
  5. And this is how you find your business idea
  6. Check your business idea with the Business Model Canvas
  7. Checklists for your business idea

With these suggestions and tips, you will find your business idea and start a successful start.

Get to know successful franchise ideas.

Successfully self-employed with a franchise. Many founders also go this way. The franchise market offers a wide variety of business ideas in a wide variety of industries. Discover popular franchise concepts and their beliefs in our franchise exchange. Below you can browse through franchise ideas from the areas of trade & services and sports & fitness.

 An overview of popular business ideas

Our GründerDaily reports regularly on business ideas from various areas. A valuable source of inspiration for your startup project.

Founders story: Here, the founders explain their business idea

Every Friday, we portray business ideas in our Gründerstory in our GründerDailyWe show five exciting interviews in the following table. From time to time, we also make home visits to founders. 

Business idea

MYFLYRIGHT: The trouble with delayed flights. No nerve to sue for the claims. Simply delegate that to MYFLYRIGHT. This gives you your rights and no stress.

Celonis: Learn how a study project turned into a billion-dollar unicorn. Take with you valuable tips for your own business.

Oatsome: Superfood as a business idea: Oatsome offers smoothies to spoon with lots of grain, nuts, and valuable ingredients. The founders are two business IT specialists.

Instaffo: The startup Instaffo brings together specialists and companies, and companies apply here. The job platform is controlled with artificial intelligence.

RECUP: Fight plastic waste. A startup wants to establish a uniform deposit system for coffee-to-go cups, to the business idea by RECUP.

 Choose from 1000 franchise business ideas.

You don’t have your business idea yet? Would you prefer to rely on a tried and tested business concept? Then simply select the right business idea for you from the franchise area. The franchise industry can look back on significant leaps in sales in recent years. There are now over 100,000 franchisees and around 1,000 franchise systems. For you, this means: 1,000 tried and tested business ideas are available for your startup, which you as a franchisee can adopt. 

Top 10 Franchise Business Ideas

The Top 10 Franchise initiative presents the best business ideas from the franchise sector. The top 10 franchise business ideas only contain franchise systems that the market rates positively. Here, the franchisees’ satisfaction and experiences are taken into account and the future opportunities of the market’s design. Perhaps there is also a business idea for self-employment here – for the top 10 franchises.

Find business ideas with our franchise exchange.

We can get to know exciting business ideas from current systems looking for new founders in our franchise exchange. These franchise business ideas come from education, advice, home and hobby, sport and health, trade and services, and food and drink. 

 From crazy to sustainable: good business ideas categorized for you

So that you can find a suitable business idea, we have divided business ideas into categories. Here is the overview

  1. Take off on a part-time basis.
  2. Passive income
  3. Crazy and bizarre business ideas
  4. Business ideas: luxury versus bankruptcy
  5. Good business ideas from America
  6. Business ideas in the lion’s den
  7. Sustainable business ideas
  8. Underestimated business ideas
  9. Business ideas from female founders
  10. Good business ideas from internet startups
  11. FinTech business ideas for the banking market
  12. Good business ideas: design, decor, and furniture
  13. Good food, drink, and grocery business ideas
  14. Good business ideas from clothing and fashion
  15. Business ideas from leisure, sport, and entertainment
  16. Good business ideas from technology

We provide 5 to 10 examples for each category.

# 1 Take off on a part-time basis

You can test your independence with part-time business ideas or earn an additional income in addition to your regular job. If you start your company on a part-time basis, you need self-discipline, good self-organization, and perseverance. Besides, your permanent job should not be too strenuous so that you can develop your business idea in your free time.

Here are some areas for good business ideas as a part-time job.

Coffee bike

Coffee-Bike is the specialty café on three wheels. Interesting for part-time workers because of the low franchise fees.

Internet Success Coach

As an Internet Success Coach, you will work part-time to create websites for small businesses from your home office.

Graphic designer

Help small website owners with the bottleneck of images. This is also possible on a part-time basis.

Lecturer for students

Help stressed students proofread their bachelor thesis. You are sure to earn good extra income.

Social Media Consultant

Help small businesses get the most out of their social media channels. That brings in additional money.

Affiliate marketing

Are you a specialist in products that are in high demand? With an affiliate website, you generate commissions on every sale.


Blog about exciting topics and monetize the blog with advertising income. 

E-learning expert

Sell ​​your expert knowledge via online courses on Youtube or training platforms such as Udemy. 

Fitness coach

Sell ​​your enthusiasm for sports as a coach to amateur athletes. Here you can find out everything about the Fitness coach business concept.

Music teacher

As a musician, sell your skills through online courses or acquire students through your website.

# 2 Passive Income: Make Money Without Working?

The concept of passive income promises business ideas that will make you money with little effort. That is, of course, too good to be true. But there are business ideas with which you can sell your skills alongside your job and earn additional money. We explain the business idea of ​​passive income to you.

In our GründerDaily, you will find different business ideas for passive income:

Design t-shirts

With a little creativity, a t-shirt can be designed quickly and a new bestseller with a bit of luck. 

Program the app

Whether train information, online banking, or messenger – very few people now do their everyday life without an app. So why not seize the opportunity?

Explanation and learning videos

In addition to the desire to stand in front of the camera, a certain amount of know-how in a specialty is required. 

Write an eBook

Anyone with a journalistic streak or who likes to write can dare to work on an ebook as a part-time job. 

Personal training

Doing your hobby as a part-time job sounds very tempting and can be very easy. 

Create review pages

Make money with reviews? This works out! And even relatively easy and without much prior knowledge.

Become an app tester

Apps must always be up to date and tested for errors. Sound comfortable? It is.

give tutoring

Always good at math? Then use the potential and pass on your knowledge.

Become an online seller

Do you like to shop on eBay, Amazon & Co. and know how the platforms work? Perfect, then you move your home flea market to the Internet.


Those who like to take photos professionally can turn their hobby into a lucrative sideline here. 

# 3 Crazy and bizarre business ideas

How crazy can a business idea be? We show you strange and successful business ideas for typical everyday problems. Many a business idea also builds up an entirely new market:

Single exchange for dogs

The Barkbuddy platform is an exceptional kind of partner exchange. Stray dogs are sold to dog lovers. 

Vodka made from old baked goods

This startup makes vodka from old baked goods and thus fights against food waste.

Divorce officer

Divorce Hotels is turning the wedding market upside down. Because instead of addressing a wealthy bride and groom, this is about married couples who are anything but happy.

Good electric shocks

Do you smoke, and do you want to quit? Or chew your fingernails? That could soon come to an end with Pavlok’s electric shocks.

Hip pancakes

No more boring pancakes: with PancakeBot, your pancake could soon look like your pet or your neighbor. 

Pen becomes tomato        

Sounds crazy? Crazy sustainable. This curious business idea is called Sprout, and sustainability is a top priority.

Little Picasso

Your children’s loving scribbles could soon become a real work of art in Picasso’s style that does not disappear in dusty boxes but decorates your walls. 

# 4 business ideas: luxury versus bankruptcy

Some serve an affluent target group; others lead straight to bankruptcy. We introduce you to both types of business ideas:


Do you want to buy a luxury watch, but not from a jeweler? Chronext offers a marketplace for luxury watches with a guarantee of authenticity.


High-quality sneakers made in Italy are the USP of Koio, a German startup. The founders thus occupy a niche in luxury shoes. 


Table water as a luxury product is a business idea. The “Premium Tafelwassser Cuvée” comes from two sources and shines with its noble presentation. 


Noble mold, like cheese or wine, is now also found in meat. High-quality meats are refined and incredibly tender. 

Change color

Do you know the cups that change color under warm or cold water? This is now also possible with cars.

Luxury second hand

Second-hand is now also available in the higher price segment – online. Plagiarism and fear of fraud? Not at REBELLE.

Low carb beer

The business idea worked in Australia, unfortunately not in Germany and Austria. Too high distribution costs and insufficient acceptance in the catering industry led to the end.

Silent vibrators

LAVIU wanted to revive the toy market with a silent vibrator. Unfortunately, the timing wasn’t ideal. The market readiness was delayed, and then the money ran out. 

Fashion trendy and cheap

Lesara was considered a star in the fashion sky. The growth rates were reasonable, but bad investments upset the startup. 

We also regularly publish more profitable business ideas for the luxury sector and examples of failed business ideas in the GründerDaily.

# 5 Good business ideas from America

In America, innovative business ideas are always developed, and many of these useful business ideas can be implemented in Germany. As a German entrepreneur, let yourself be inspired by American business ideas and find your business idea – one of America’s business ideas.

Tiny house

Living space is scarce. More homes are needed. Mini-houses, which can even be mobile, help.

Rent children’s toys

Toys that a 3-year-old would like will bore the 4-year-old. So why not rent?.

Recompose Life

They are recomposing as a new form of burial. Instead of being buried or cremated, the deceased is turned to earth.

Stylish bicycle helmets

Park & ​​Diamond thinks helmets don’t have to be ugly. How about a bicycle helmet as a baseball cap.

The robot restaurant

Eat well and cheaply. That works when the robot is cooking and when all processes are optimized. The startup Spyce proves it.

Fit on the fly

What to do with the time that suddenly becomes free? The question arises, for example, in the event of a missed flight. How about some exercise?

# 6 Business ideas in the lion den

In the TV show Die Höhle der Löwen, startups and founders pitch in front of five investors to make a deal. We will show you which business idea was successful and which business idea was not convincing:

Low carb with a difference

Eating low carb means avoiding carbohydrates. It doesn’t have to be, thought the founders of Lizza.

From old to new

Would you like a stress-free, uncomplicated and hygienic workout in the gym? This startup makes it possible.

Fresh breath

Who doesn’t mind – after a tasty kebab, you smell 10 meters against the wind thanks to garlic sauce. Papa Türk provides a remedy.

Hip juices

Fruit and vegetable juices can keep their vitamins – if they are cold-pressed instead of hot-pressed. Kale & Me lead the way.

Light wallet

Wallets made of synthetic fibers could have become the bestsellers in German supermarkets. But sometimes that’s not the way to go.

Make magic happen

A funny idea that was well received: sustainable, vegan condoms packed in bags of chips. 

Organic snack from the bag

To beat the food industry at its gun – that was the goal of the startup Naughty Friends. Did it work?

More safety

The safety of cyclists and joggers seemed to have been an affair of the heart to this founder. 

Fast car cleaning

The Stuttgart startup cleans your car on site and does so in an environmentally friendly and time-saving manner. 

Protein hero

Protein, protein, and even more protein – this is how you could describe the Protero concept. 

# 7 Sustainable business ideas

Sustainability is a megatrend that prepares the ground for exciting business ideas. Those founders who offer clear business ideas in the field of environmental protection and resource conservation have opportunities. In our GründerDaily, we regularly present business ideas in the field of sustainability:

Rent clothes

Renting ecological and sustainable clothing – that is, Astrid Bredereck’s concept. Did a dream come true?

Houses made from trash

Hats off to this business idea, the founders of Adaptavate gave it a thought. Sounds utopian? Not at all.

Larvae & biowaste

The London startup Entocycle kills two birds with one stone with its business idea – and it does it sustainably. 

Grabbed at the root

If Infarm had its way, fruits and vegetables would be sold in the supermarket and grow there. 

Throwing away prohibited

Instead of recycling, don’t throw it at all – it couldn’t be more sustainable. kaputt.de shows you how you can help to make the world a little better.

# 8 Underrated business ideas

Those who want to set up successfully do not necessarily have to be based in a typical startup region. Even with a proven business idea in a traditional industry, those who do everything right can succeed. Let yourself be inspired by our underrated business ideas:

Crypto money

Bitcoins as the gold of the digital age or just an air number? In any case, this business idea should not be underestimated.

Limo for everyone

Healthy nutrition and regionality – these have been two nutrition trends for a few years now. Limoment took advantage of this and developed a great business idea.

Excuses don’t count

You are probably familiar with the well-known coffee shop: a fee is due for every drink consumed. The self-service startup knows that this is often forgotten and has a solution for it.

Felt it down

Not only you but also the dentist himself thinks about the cost of each of your visits. Namely the value of its equipment. Dentist-Hero does this work for him.

The new colleague

One hears again and again that robots are taking away jobs. Instead of taking them away, just become your new colleague – and Mercury.ai knows how.

# 9 business ideas from female founders

We want to dispel the prejudice that there are no female founders in Germany. In the following, we present five business ideas from over 300 female startups.

Groceries from the field

Have fresh milk, sausage, and even natural cosmetics delivered directly from the farmer? That’s fine. Two women have given a lot of thought to this.

Online wedding planner

That would be something: a stress-free and easy to plan a wedding. And even online from home. Einfachverheierter.de makes it possible.

Fitness for mothers

Mothers have a lot to achieve – whether during pregnancy or afterward. Harriet Rieper wants to reward this and bring the women into their best physical condition.

Pass it on instead of burning it

With the name, it is clear what is behind it: The concept of passing on.org primarily pursues social and ecological goals. You can read about them here.  

Authentic cooking box

A cooking box that is 100% authentic. If you are into Thai food, this box should hit the mark.

# 10 Good business ideas from internet startups

The Internet offers founders and startups numerous business ideas to start their businesses. Be it with the programming of apps or diverse webshops and social networks. We have multiple good business ideas in front of you on the Internet.

One app for everything

Who does not know that you never get to everything you want to do. Couldn’t an app help?

Just learn

With just a few clicks, you get better grades in school and university, regardless of whether you are doing homework, studying for exams, or preparing for final exams. 

Online cemetery

As a rule, after a loved one’s death, one does not want to deal with the subject of death any further. In some cases, however, the Internet can help here.

Happy customers

What does customer service have in common with a messenger service? More than you think. A business idea that helps companies.

Goodbye paperwork

The startup TabletSolution has declared war on the paper mess and wants to digitize assembly. 

# 11 FinTech business ideas for the banking market

Large companies traditionally shape the financial sector. More and more startups act as innovators and bring business ideas onto the market that stir up the traditional financial market: FinTech business ideas.

Identity verification

Determine the identity of a customer via selfie and ID video in the future? How it works exactly.

Go cheap too

Fidor Bank wants to keep it cheap and thus offers a real alternative to the traditional big banks. 

Without an EC card

Four different product packages, and there is something for everyone. This business idea is impressive.

Not quite round yet

The startup hussy doesn’t make it so easy for founders at the beginning. However, this business idea still offers advantages.

Account for the little ones

This concept not only offers an account but also puts one on top. 

# 12 Good business ideas: design, decor, and furniture

The ​​design, furnishing, and furniture area offer entrepreneurs a large room where good business ideas can be developed and implemented in viable concepts. Read more about the excellent business ideas Smart House or Pattern Design, among other things.

Individual furniture

To compete with the big sharks: that is the goal of the furniture startup Mycs. And they don’t even act stupidly.

Sleep and the City

You can find the best sleeping place in the world in New York at Casper’s – at least that’s the startup’s slogan.

Foldable furniture

Finally, you can look forward to the movie because you can dismantle and drag it without any furniture this time. 

Everything made to measure

Mass production and off-the-shelf parts are a thing of the past. This business idea is awe-inspiring.

Printed design

Thanks to the startup Stilnest, every designer at the publishing house for designer jewelry has its appearance. 

# 13 Good food, drink, food business ideas

Eating, drinking, and food offers many opportunities for founders to find the right business idea. Let yourself be inspired by good business ideas in the field of food and drink.

We also regularly report on business ideas in the Food & Drinks sector in our GründerDaily:

It is also healthy

Everyone knows them, and everyone loves them: we’re talking about hot dogs. And now? The NotDogs from England came up with something.

Enjoyment without regrets

The startup Mr. Lee Noodles has entered the fight against fats and artificial flavor enhancers – and won by a considerable margin. 

Kit system

It is well known that not all that glitters is gold. This is what it looks like when it comes to eating. Not everything that appears healthy is. This is where an exciting business idea comes in.

Feasting allowed

Eating ice cream without a guilty conscience is not possible? And whether that is possible. The young startup Protami show us how

Insects welcome

The startup Bugfoundation wanted to create something that has never existed before. And indeed you did.

# 14 Good business ideas in clothing and fashion

There are many ways open to startups in the clothing and fashion sector to implement their business idea. Let yourself be inspired by good business ideas such as myBoshi or Trunk Club – for business ideas from the fashion sector.

Fashion with a heart

What do drawings by socially disadvantaged school children have to do with style? This touching business idea shows it.

A lot for little money

Thanks to Chic by Choice, the way to the designer dream dress is very easy and inexpensive.

Only for men

The startup Majic founders know how reluctant men are to go shopping and develop a clear business idea.

Nerves from a tightrope

Parents should be happy about the new concept of Kindhochdrei – it is accessible on the nerves, and children’s eyes are more prominent.

Not for normal people

Art that you carry around with you and through which you can network with other art lovers. Sounds bizarre?

# 15 Business ideas from leisure, sport, and entertainment

Many good business ideas are implemented in the areas of leisure, sport, and entertainment. For example, the business ideas Ballerinas-to-go or Mitesszentrale offer you suggestions for your business idea in the field of leisure and recreation.

Training plans for everyone

Fitness know-how from over 100 experts for everyone: this is just one of many convincing arguments that LOOX has packed into their business idea.

Farewell to inner weaker self

The goal of the startup Toplife.The zone is to fight the weaker self and with unusual means.

Sports app pioneer

Freeletics is considered a pioneer among sports apps and serves as an example of a young startup’s success.

No more alone

Two people are less alone – this can also be applied to sport. It is easier to train with others, and you are motivated at the same time.

Appropriate footwear

In addition to providing the necessary motivation, Nobull also provides sports enthusiasts with the right training equipment.

# 16 Good business ideas made from technology

In the broad field of technology, innovative business ideas can always be developed based on new findings. Large investors are often particularly curious here. You can find good technology business ideas such as Altruja, Cliqloc, or mbm systems here.

We regularly present tech business ideas to you in the GründerDaily:

Business idea                         


Autonomous drones

Autonomous drones as a core competence for companies? Sounds crazy at first, but the startup Emqopter has the right approach.

Open-source platform

Jelurida’s business idea is all about open source platforms and licensing models for developing blockchain applications.

to take overwork

It has long been no secret that apps can make our everyday lives more comfortable. Little by little, these are also moving into everyday work and reducing work.

Motion software

The startup Kinemic from Karlsruhe has developed software for motion, gesture, and text recognition – be sure to check it out.

Pure high-tech

Looks like dental tools, but isn’t. Tailor-made flow technology is the magic word here. What’s behind it?

 Highlights from the business ideas of previous years

Every year the best business ideas receive a lot of prize money from investors as startup capital in the numerous startup and business plan competitions. Be inspired by the following excellent business ideas and companies.

  • Best business ideas 2019: winning ideas in competitions, crowdfunding projects, financing rounds, and exits
  • Best business ideas 2018: these business ideas are part of it
  • Best business ideas of 2017: from software to green economy to fintech
  • Best business ideas of 2016: Life Science, Technology and ICT
  • Best business ideas 2015: numerous excellent ideas
  • Best business ideas of 2014: these startups are one of them

Promising business ideas have already received awards in the current year 2018.

By the way: We evaluated over 160 startup and business plan competitions for 2018 and identified the top 50 startups. For the current financial year, you will find the best business ideas for 2018 here.

 And this is how you find your business idea.

You have three options to start your own business. You start with your business idea, choose the franchise route or take over a company as part of corporate succession. 

Be inspired, find out about examples from startups, or exchange ideas with other founders. For example, read our founder stories, which appear weekly. This is where founders and startups introduce themselves in an interview, and you will receive valuable insights and background information. Books about successful entrepreneurs are also recommended.

Use creativity techniques too. Regardless of whether you are pursuing your business idea or adopting existing business concepts as part of franchising or succession, implementation is what counts.

 Check your business idea with the Business Model Canvas.

The right business idea is the first piece of the puzzle on the way to self-employment. With a business idea check with the Business Model Canvas, you can check your vision for the most critical success factors. Use this free tool to discuss the business idea with your partners, friends, and acquaintances. This is your first step on the way to the perfect business idea with our free business idea check with the Business Model Canvas.

Is the business idea already clear? Use foundation checklists!

Do you already have a rough idea of ​​which idea you would like to set up in which area? Then we have prepared the most important founding steps for you and created guidelines.

Conclusion – 400+ business ideas

With our 400+ business ideas, we want to help you find your business idea. Therefore, we offer you many examples of innovative and excellent business ideas and franchise business ideas. How to get started with a business idea as a part-time job, in which industries you will find exciting business concepts or innovative ideas come from America.


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