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One of the most beloved memories of my childhood is related to INFORMATION. A newspaper that always, in one way or another, is in the life of all Alicante. My father would get me out of bed every Sunday, and let’s not fool ourselves too early! To accompany him to buy INFORMATION and other magazines at the kiosk, which he then took to the ship when he went to work. It was a ritual, a way to start the only day of the week that we could be together in the morning.

In its pages one, almost without realizing it, begins to feel part of a land. Without realizing it, between soccer results, crosswords and bullets, he begins to worry about what is happening around him, to feel like fighting against injustices, to feel the need to work and to strive to build a better world.

Our INFORMATION is also responsible, to a certain extent, for the formation and education of many of us, readers who by accident, by family tradition, by custom or by tradition have grown up in reading its sections, have reflected thanks to the opinion of so many people, they have known a world with the photographs of these image professionals (a vote for their work little recognized lately) and they have laughed and thought with their strips and bullets. INFORMATION is much more than a newspaper and has offered all these years more than information.

For 75 years INFORMATION has been with us all. A lifetime. We can speak of three or four generations of people from Alicante who have been able to follow the life of our province from their pages on paper and, now, also from our mobile devices. Life has advanced and the newspaper has been no less and has had to adapt to new technologies.
I do not think I am much mistaken if I affirm that if we go to the newspaper archive and look for important events from all over the province, we could know, in detail, what the most recent history has been, that of the last 75 years of our province. Every moment, each good and bad news, each problem, each solution, each change and, in conclusion, each one, we have been able to read on its pages. Come on, I have a friend who always tells me that if he does not publish it, INFORMATION is that it has not happened.

Regarding the town that I have the honor of representing as mayor, Villajoyosa, this newspaper has always been with us in the most emblematic and important moments for the municipality. We can put the holidays, as an example, although we could list and it would not have enough paper, all the words that this means of communication has “spent” for our locality. Our goal is now to ensure that the pages of future editions are full of good news, hopeful news, that generate enthusiasm for the residents of La Vila Joiosa and the province as a whole. He who has a public responsibility, like a mayor, has to work hard to overturn that maxim that the good news is not news. We will fight, as has always been done in La Vila, to ensure that there is only good news after so many years of crisis and despair in so many families.

I would not want to miss this occasion to be able to congratulate those who make it possible for us to read this newspaper every day. Its workers, its journalists, those people, without schedules, without times, without rest, who fill its pages every day with new stories. I do not know how many journalists have written on its pages, but I know that there have been many. Some are, others no longer, as is logical, but to each and every one of them, I want to convey my sincere appreciation to their work and dedication.

The only thing that remains for me to wish, as it is always said on birthdays, is that it fulfill many more. I believe that the media are essential in our society and having a close environment, where being able to get to know the day to day, is something that cannot be missed and that we should all value.

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