Most Recommended iPad Air 2021 Cases

The latest iPad Air model is one of the best tablets on the market, both in performance and design. But if there is something almost mandatory that you must do as soon as you buy it, it is to get a good cover.

Having a giant screen is quite delicate, especially if we take them out of the house often. A cover is essential, and here you have a collection of the best ones for your iPad Air 2020 or iPad Air 4.

ZtotopCase Magnetic Case

A highly recommended cover as it uses images to hold it on, making it incredibly easy to put on and take off. This case protects your iPad from behind and in front and activates the screen when you open it.

MoKo case

A more classic case, with a transparent silicone back that is available in various colors. The Apple Pencil can continue to charge. The case locks and unlocks the iPad when opened, and we have four colors available.

ZtotopCase leather case

A more severe and elegant option. A leather case that also serves as a support, with several positions, for the iPad Air. It has an outer pocket in which to store documents, and we have several colors available.

TiMOVO case

A case for the iPad’s body designed to protect the frames against a possible fall, ideal to complement it with a screen protector. This sleeve is very discreet and reveals the design of the iPad.

Non-slip ProCase Case

An exciting cover made of textile material with silicone edges for added protection. It allows us to place the iPad Air in 2 different positions thanks to the non-slip interior, and is available in three different shades.

ProCase Infant Cover

A cover designed for children. It is covered on all sides to avoid bumps in a more than likely fall and has a handle for safer transport.

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