Kardashian hairdresser reveals how to wear a celebrity hair

Behind pelazo of a celebrity there is always a great hairdresser, and the man responsible for many of the most desired manes red carpets is Andrew Fitzsimons.

Of Irish origin (Ballinteer, Dublin) and with a gift in his hands, Andrew Fitzsimons He is the stylist of famous women Kardashian clan, Adriana Lima, Ashley Graham, Karlie Kloss or Bella Hadid, among many others.

Her career as a stylist began when she was only 13 years old because her mother found her first summer job in a beauty salon, and since then this sector has become her great passion. And it is that the Irishman has not stopped training and working to achieve a career full of success. His latest milestone comes in the form of a very special collection of hair care products presented by Primark Beauty, Andrew Fitzsimons X Primark.

It is a range of shampoos, conditioners and masks, as well as a selection of products styling, gadgets and hair accessories. For him, this collaboration “is a dream come true” (and for us too, let’s be honest).

In we’ve been fortunate enough to speak to him and He has told us in more detail about this collection, the odd trick for the care of our hair, the best hairstyles for unexpected moments (like when they warn you that you crush is on the way…) and many more secrets.

Andrew Fitzsimons’ Most Wanted Collaboration

: How did your collaboration with Primark come about?

Andrew Fitzsimos: Working with Primark has been a dream come true. As an Irishman, I grew up shopping at Primark, just like everyone I know, so collaborating with them is something really special. We have been working on this collection together for most of the year, so I am very excited that the products are finally available.

G .: How has your participation been in each part of the product development process?

A.F .: I worked closely with the Primark team to develop a collection of very high quality hair care products at an affordable price. We develop and test various formulas to ensure we create the best possible products.

G .: What is your favorite product from the Primark range? Why?

A.F .: This is like choosing which of your children is your favorite, why are you doing this to me? (jokes with laughter). If I had to choose one, it would probably be Andrew Fitzsimons X Primark hair oil. It is a very good oil that hydrates the hair and gives it shine and luminosity without adding weight.

‘Andrew Fitzsimons X Primark’ hair oil. (Price: € 4)

A red carpet race

G .: How and when did you start working with celebrities?

A.F .: I started working with celebrities when I moved to New York at the age of 21, after having lived in Paris for a few years. The first celebrity I worked with I think was Adele, who came to the United States to promote her album. It was really great to connect with another person from Europe, and the truth is that she and I got along very well.

It would be an honor for me to work with any celebrity Spanish”

G .: With what celebrities Spanish would you like to work?

A.F .: It would be an honor for me to work with any celebrity Spanish! I love Spain and I am looking forward to spending more time in the country.

G .: Which of all the celebrities you work with do you think is more risky when it comes to styling and changing her look?

A.F .: Although Kylie probably would have said before, I think they are all quite daring! It’s so fun to work with clients who are so risky.

The tricks of Andrew Fitzsimons

G .: What is the hairstyle that can get you out of trouble in a time of need?

1. If you fall asleep and are late for work …

A.F .: A high ponytail always looks elegant.

2. When they tell you in the office that you have a party afterwork

A.F .: Something casual but fun … I would bet on adding some volume to the hair with dry shampoo or with a texturizing spray.

3. They call you and tell you that you have an unexpected job interview …

A.F .: Hair up, such as a low bun.

4. When you crush is on the way…

A.F .: In this case, don’t worry about your hair … Just be yourself!

G .: Do you have a trick to make your ironed hair smoother and last longer?

A.F .: Use thermal protection whenever you use irons or dryers. Hair suffers much more during the summer months, so it is important to protect it as much as possible. I also recommend including a hair mask once a week in the hair routine to re-hydrate the hair.

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