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Italian desserts, Italian drinks, Italian pasta sauces – recipes, videos, Italian soups, Italian cheeses, Italian meat – types and names, Italian desserts recipes, pasta recipes We can say with confidence that Italian cuisine and culture go hand in hand a hand. For Italians, food is not just a source of nutrition for life. Food, as well as art, architecture and much more, is an integral part of history. The cuisine of Italians defines this nation. Traditional Italian dishes are popular in all corners of the globe, so the fact that it, in fact, does not exist, will surprise many. The thing is that each region of Italy has its own, local dishes, which often have nothing to do with the usual menu for residents of other regions of the country. Every region, province and city of sunny Italy has contributed and continues to contribute to the variety of gastronomic delights of the country.

National cuisine of Italy

Traditional Italian cuisine is a real treasure, and each meal is a kind of ritual and a sacred time for communication with friends and relatives.

National dishes of Italy are considered one of the healthiest and easiest, so do not worry about your figure on the trip. Italian dishes in any restaurant in the country are always fresh, in this country it is considered bad form to cook, for example, frozen fish or serve stale bread.

What to cook this weekend – the best dishes of Italian cuisine

One of the gastronomic symbols of Italy is Gelato ice cream. It is made by special craftsmen from fresh cow’s milk and does not contain artificial additives. Real Gelato is sold in special establishments – gelatories, which, however, are very numerous throughout the country. Such ice cream costs from 1.50 EUR to 5 EUR.

TOP 5 Italian dishes that you should definitely try
Lasagna is a classic Italian dish made from parmesan, ham, mozzarella, ricotta and beef.

Pasta – famous Italian pasta, served with different sauce and with different additives.


Ravioli – small meat dumplings stuffed with meat.


Pizza – only in Italy you can try real pizza, Neapolitan and margarita are especially famous.

Parmesan Chicken
Parmesan Chicken is an Italian dish that has become popular around the world. The softest chicken in cheese with a special sauce.

Italian wines

Alcoholic drinks
Italy’s food and drinks are world famous. Wines alone are worth it! The most popular wines in Italy are Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino and Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. Of the alcoholic drinks, it is worth highlighting the famous liqueurs limoncello and amaretto. Well, the most popular soft drink in Italy, of course, is coffee.

Travel Tips

The vast majority of restaurants in Italy are working on schedule: breakfast (8: 00-10: 00), lunch (12: 30-14: 00) and dinner (18: 30/19: 00-22: 00). The rest of the time, institutions are closed. The average bill in a local restaurant is 20-30 EUR: an appetizer will cost 5-6 EUR, a first meal 5-10 EUR, a second meal up to 20 EUR, desserts up to EUR, and drinks about 2-3 EUR.

What to try in Italy

When choosing a hotel, check out the menu that is usually displayed at the entrance to the restaurant. In tourist places, prices can go off the scale, and one dish in the “entrance” establishment costs about 100 EUR. This is common fishing for tourists, so just look for those establishments in which local residents eat. There, a comprehensive lunch can cost 15 EUR.

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