Is it possible to do mindfulness in the shower?

If you are not too initiated in this mindfulnessI will tell you that, in a nutshell, it is a meditation based on breath control. It is translated as mindfulness and the way to apply and practice it is to breathe with the five senses in the present moment.

If practiced correctly and frequently, it is a great help to anchor yourself at times when anxiety is triggered.

Why do we propose to do it in the shower? Because all the senses can be put in it (well, all but the taste). When you concentrate, the mind keeps the attention on a certain object and, in this way, it trains itself not to disperse, jumping from one topic to another, as we do repeatedly throughout the day when we have stress or anxiety.

Mindfulness It involves performing each daily act with full attention. Feel and make each one of them a rite, a ceremony.

Paying attention to what you’re noticing with smell, touch, hearing and sight, while controlling your breathing, you can reach a state of calm that is very helpful in dealing with day-to-day stress.

Here and now, even while you wash and put on your hair mask.

If you focus on looking calmly at how the shower gel smells, how hot the water is, the feeling of the horsehair brush or glove going through your arms and legs … you are focusing on the present moment, achieving calm lost and helping your brain to train in the face of difficult emotional moments, whatever they may be.

Mindfulness when washing hair

Leonor Greyl’s experts call it mindwash when they refer to that routine that turns headwash into a conscious and relaxing experience.

The steps are:

  1. Become aware of your hair: Stand in front of the mirror and brush your mane slowly, from root to tip, to untangle it, while you are aware of the breath, which has to be paused and you admire the texture of your hair, the color and you leave out the rest of the thoughts.
  2. Give yourself a cranial self-massage: Give your senses a massage while making the most powerful assets penetrate the hair fiber. See how they transform your hair while massaging the head with your fingertips and practice acupressure by applying more pressure to areas such as the temples, the base of the neck or the front.
  3. Double wash: Put the rush aside and focus on how the water glides over your head, your back, and all over your body. Apply the shampoo and massage gently while taking a deep breath to absorb its aroma. Repeat the operation, without thinking about anything else, this time insisting more on the middle and ends and becoming aware of the removal of fat, toxins, dirt and negative thoughts! It is very important to enjoy the moment of rinsing and the water must be at the most pleasant temperature.
  4. Mask moment: After spreading it by means and ends, take advantage of the waiting time before rinsing again to immerse yourself in the bathtub and close your eyes for 5 minutes. Breathe in its scent while you are aware of the relaxing power of water on your skin and relax your muscles one by one without thinking about anything else.

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