How to fall asleep quickly: techniques that work!

An early climb and a whole lot of work. We need to rest and recuperate… But it doesn’t work. If you lie with your eyes closed for hours but can’t sleep, read our advice.

Method 4-7-8

This method is prevalent because it is simply impossible to resist sleep when you use this technique. Its secret is to control your breathing, and it, in turn, will relax your brain, heart, and nervous system. The method is straightforward and does not require special equipment – only your lungs.

Start with maximum exhalation. Then inhale and count to 4. Hold your breath, counting to 7, and then exhale through the mouth on eight accounts. Four breaths, 7 hold your breath, exhale for 8, that’s all! Your body will relax, your brain will calm down, and you will quickly fall asleep.

Stick to your sleep regime

If you sleep for 8 hours one night and the other for 4 hours, your brain will be confused and will not understand when to go into “sleep mode.” Designate yourself the same number of hours to sleep and stick to it (no extra a couple of hours on the weekend!) and try to go to bed at the same time.

Use your bed only for sleep.

This will create the right mental associations. If the bed means only sleep, then the brain will immediately understand why you went there. But if you like to lie in bed during the day and watch TV series, the mind will wait for the next series and do not go to sleep.

The same goes for sudden night awakenings. If you wake up and can’t sleep for more than 10 minutes, get up and do something lulling (for example, finally finish the book you started five years ago).

Cheat your brain – try not to sleep.

We always want to rebel against some attitudes. It concerns even sleep! In the study, the University of Glasgow conducted an experiment where one group was forbidden to sleep, and the other was put to bed. At the same time, the first group fell asleep much faster! Sleep is the only thing in life where the harder you try and try harder, the higher the probability that you will not succeed.

Create a comfortable atmosphere and your ritual

Many people are benefited from smells. Essential oils of lavender, sandalwood, rose, hops or melissa, valerian bergamot, windier, or patchouli will relieve nervous tension and give a sense of comfort. You can also light aromas with relaxing aromas. Create your ritual for sleeping. Scents, candles, and a cup of herbal tea – will remove the stress accumulated during the day, return calm, and create a quiet and magical time to sleep.

Progressive relaxation method

This technique is often advised for quick falling asleep, and the essence of it is to strain and relax muscles alternately. Start with your toes and gradually move to the neck and head, pulling and relaxing muscles. Strain the seconds by 5, and relax by 30.

Give a massage

This method is based on Chinese medicine principles that the energy network flows through specific points of our body, and pressing them can restore the balance of body and spirit. Between the eyebrows, there is a small recess, right above the nose. Gently press on this point for a minute. Next, click for a minute on the threshold between the thumb and fore index finger. Massage both ears within a minute. Your body should relax and go into the stage of sleep.


Yes, the old, well-known way comes from virginity. Count sheep, elephants, ducks, whatever. This will cleanse the brain of obsessive thoughts. If you count the images difficult, consider the breath and the exit. This will allow you to relax and get rid of opinions swarming in the head.

7 Things You Should Never Do In The Morning

With blue light from the screen, you stimulate the centers of awakening and disturb the body’s biological clock because this light imitates the sun’s rays.

So you’re just going to stimulate anxiety and anxiety that will also prevent you from falling asleep.

  • Sleep in a cold room.

Body temperature is an integral part of regulating our biological clocks. When we sleep, our body temperature drops, so lowering the temperature will signal the brain that it’s time to sleep. The ideal sleep temperature is 23 degrees.

  • Imagine a relaxing scene.

Think about a walk on the beach or in the park to calm the mind and relieve tension.

  • Buy an excellent mattress and pillows.

An inconvenient bed can lead to a deterioration in the quality of sleep. Choose the most comfortable mattress and pillows of the necessary rigidity.

  • Don’t drink coffee after lunch.

And if you have serious trouble sleeping, it’s best to give up this nervous system stimulant altogether.

  • Don’t drink before you go to bed.

Exclude the ingestion of any liquid: water, tea, juice an hour before bedtime. Alcohol should be given up altogether.

  • Don’t exercise before you go to bed.

Physical activity is necessary for good and deep sleep, but it is worth doing it 3-4 hours before you plan to go to bed.

  • Skip the daytime nap.

Daytime sleep can affect how you feel at night. If you can’t keep your eyes open at all, sleep for a maximum of half an hour and as early as possible.

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