How the influencer of the moment is cared for and made up

With the mobile phone placed on a shelf in her dressing room and arranged from top to bottom, for the first time in fifty-seven days, the Italian influencer, creator of her own clothing and accessories brand, Chiara Ferragni, who has almost twenty million followers Only on Instagram, he has confessed his beauty secrets.

In front of a huge audience, and in the context of the fourth program of the series “Getting ready with” organized by Lancôme on her official Instagram profile, @lancomeofficial, the fashionable young woman – who is an ambassador for Lancôme – wanted to spend some time chatting with Lisa Eldridge, makeup artist and global creative director at Lancôme.

Although the audience was clearly eager to know more about this golden girl, Chiara was very natural and a great help to all fans of makeup, by asking Lisa some questions that we usually have that we read all the beauty information that falls in our hands.

Do the quartz and jade rollers that are seen online really work? How is a massage done to deflate the eyes? Why do people open their mouths when applying mascara? Which lipstick is better to wear under the protective mask?

This and other questions were resolved in the course of an agile, fun and at times emotional live show. Chiara also wanted to tell details of her family day to day.

Influence on confinement

The two women discussed this crazy moment of confinement, trying to be positive. Lisa from London where they are still confined and Chiara from Milan, the city where the population can now go for a walk, conveniently protected with masks.

After 57 days confined without leaving or being able to see the family, Chiara confesses that she prefers to rescue positive emotions.

In this crazy situation, I can at least spend more time – quantity and quality – with my son Leo. I see him grow and I have the opportunity to make a new bond. We usually see little of each other because I am always traveling and working, so I consider it a luxury ”.

This more relaxed way of life, with no schedule or rush, allows you to stop for a bit and spend time caring for your skin and pampering yourself a few extras. This raises Lisa to Chiara, who agrees.

“I try to take care of myself and put on a little makeup every day. It helps me feel good to have a certain routine, even if it’s in comfortable clothes. I made up my mind not to spend the day in my pajamas. If I fix myself a little, I feel alive, even if I don’t travel or go anywhere. ”

Likewise, the influencer discusses some unknown aspects of her family life, such as the fact that her father-in-law has been quarantined at home and taught her how to cook. “I didn’t know how to do anything, just simple things like pasta. These days I have made my first pizzas, tiramisu, lasagna … even a cake for Leo’s birthday! ”.


One change confinement has brought for her is that she has started training every day. Her husband already does, but she confesses that she always finds something better to do. “With the mess of the day to day, I had to get up early to train and ended up not doing it. However, now I have a lot of free time, so I can always take time out. Midmorning I even feel like it! ”, He laughs.

He believes that this will be a routine that he can maintain in the near future, since in the coming months he will not be able to travel or meet in the office with his team.

Skincare routine

Chiara tells Lisa that her routine is simple: every morning she washes her face and applies Rénergie Lift Multi-Action Ultra SPF30 cream from Lancôme. Afterwards, have breakfast and spend the day with the family.

Lisa wants to know if Chiara has fallen into the madness of face masks during quarantine (she refers to that so-called overmasking theme). “Totally!” She exclaims and pointed out: “I wear one every day.” Lisa advises that when you remove it, with the excess product left in the envelope, you should do a facial massage.

But Chiara does not know how it is done and Lisa comes to her aid. “It’s easy,” he says. I do even watch a movie. This is the step by step:

  1. First, massage the area of ​​the jaw, where a lot of tension builds up.
  2. Then, it goes up to the temples in circles that help loosen and go down to the jaw area, ending behind the ear, where there is a point in the lymphatic system. That helps drain the swelling.
  3. With your fingertips, apply gentle touches around the eyes, no matter which way. That gesture wakes you up and rejuvenates your gaze.

To these movements to relax and deflate the face, which are very interesting to the Italian, Lisa Eldridge adds her star trick: putting the eye contour and the eye patches inside the fridge.

“I always do it, in fact, the first thing I do when I get to a hotel is empty the minibar and put my patches inside. Sometimes I put them on freshly, I leave them for a while and put them back to use after showering, just before putting on makeup, “he explains.

“What a good idea, I’m going to try it!” Chiara answers.

Clarifying doubts

Lisa, as a beauty expert, does not hesitate to solve all the doubts that Ferragni is asking her. These are:

Are the quartz, jade and amethyst rollers that are so popular on Instagram useful?

“Yes, especially to activate circulation, as we would do with our fingers, but with the help of this smooth and cold surface,” he explains. He also recommends Chiara to use them to activate circulation, just before using the moisturizer, so that it penetrates better and has a better effect.

Makeup secrets

Lisa wants to talk about makeup and asks Chiara what her teenage look was like. Chiara describes it with a laugh: “I used the wrong products and acne came out. Also, I outlined my eyes in black pencil on both lash lines, which made me look sleepy. To that, add too straight hair, not flattering. As I matured and got to know myself better, I made my makeup lighter and now I look much better. And younger! ”

Chiara Ferragni’s makeup basics

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear foundation, which you apply with your fingers. “When I use the brush, it seems to me that there is a more loaded result. I do not like to put a lot of it, nor that it is very matte. I adore the glowy look that remains when you apply it with your fingers. It is more natural ”.

The Hypnôse mascara by Lancôme, without which he confesses not being able to live. “I use it every day, even if I don’t wear anything else.” Lisa gives you a tip: the best way to use it is by resting the brush on the base and slowly moving it upwards so that they make up well.

The Blush Subtil blush from Lancôme, which likes all shades.

On the lips, L’Absolu Rouge de Lancôme in pink.

When they finish talking about makeup, Chiara asks Lisa a question:

Why do people open their mouths when they put on the mascara? “There is even a challenge in Tik Tok of people trying to do it with their mouths closed…”, he tells her while holding his laughter.

“It is a gesture that is done unconsciously because you think that, in that way, you lower your cheeks a little and you do not inadvertently paint yourself with the mascara anywhere that is not the lashes,” he clarifies.

Makeup in times of pandemic

The two women end the live by changing impressions on how the obligatory use of protective masks can change the way we put on makeup. “You can’t use lip gloss because the fabric sticks to your mouth,” Chiara tells her, to which Lisa replies: “We will have to wear long-lasting lipsticks, with a less glossy finish and, as you least show your lips, wear more mascara. “

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