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Friends and friends of INFORMATION, as an assiduous consumer and habitual of communication mitjans, it is an honor to praise you in a parade so important with the 75th anniversary of the diari. With this project and the treball that took place every day since the age of 75, we can assure that we are mistaken that it is part of the living history of Alacant and the southern regions of the northern territory.

Sou història, but also sou present i sou futur, perquè heu apostat strength pels nous temps i had an important presence on the internet, so follow your website with the social xarxes. The band also had their audiovisual presentations. Per tant, no heu deixat passar els temps, per això sou an important actor per entrendre que passa a Alacant i es el vostre efforts l diari, la vostra professionalitat i el vostre treball el acosta a la societat alacantina tots els dies l´actualitat més next, l´anàlisi, you interviewed them, they opinions …

The vostra aposta per les comarques, fent edicions comarcals, is vital because of the structuring of the territory, which begins from Baix, from the local ambit. A tots is interested in those who pass the nostre carrer, barri or poble. After the one who passes to the poble del costat i is interested in tots eixos pobles that form the nostra region and the quals compartim interesos i molts aspectes més. After is the province and after the autonomy. In this regard, it is worth noting that a great store was held every day, which also happened in the institutions such as the Council or the Valencian Courts, which are fan affairs, and decisions that affect citizens and citizens are pending. Alcoi, Alacant, Elx, Xixona or Villena, which may affect als de Cinctorres, Borriana, Xàtiva or Meliana, per dir ns noms.

Doneu a global information, d´allò more next to the international information, passant per les festes, pels esports, per l´economia … A great treball that cal to value perquè al llarg de 75 anys, moltes dones i homes han treballat i treballen al diari INFORMATION per eixa informació arrives als alacantins i alacantines i estiguen ben informats i puguen tindre un criteri i una opinió de tot allò que passa al seu voltant. I is not easy gens.

Ara, compteu amb a great equip professional. Gent formed, amb ganes, amb il·lusió, that persecuixen the news, the treballen, l´elaboren fins to be able to offer the public a product of qualitat. In these temps moderns estem molt connectats. Internet, xarxes socials have supposed a molt revolution difficult to quantify, but it has changed the vines. They have also changed the form of com is transmet, is distribueix and is the information. It is quicker, it is instantaneous, but I will not say that it is still true. S´ha d´anar molt in compte perquè vivim in a time of «hoaxes», as it is popular.

Per això, vindicate the figure of the journalists, of the professionals of the information that are prepared academically and professionally to treballar les informations, per a processar-les i així offer them to the public. Contrast information, confirmed, elaborated. Information that, passades filtre of the professionalitat, ens ajuden to understand of veritat the one that passes to the nostre voltant.

Per information’s molts anys. Per molts anys of vertebració of the territory, d´informació de proximitat, of treball ben fet. Per molts anys of professionalitat and per molts anys formant part of the living history of Alacant, of a history that does not understand sense, because it is the fidels chronicles and diffusers of the history of the day to day of the city and of totes les comarques del sud. Congratulations.

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