Get the most out of your facial mist

To get the most out of facial mists, which basically seek to refresh the skin and, in the best case, provide some hydration or superficial nutrition, you must follow a short protocol.

When: Once the skin is cleaned, before the serum or cream or, once it is made up, but also at any time of the day, as long as you do not finish applying sunscreen.

How: The distance at which you must vaporize the mist is the one created with outstretched arm.

Where: The ideal is to apply the product by face and neck.

Precautions: Depending on the type of applicator, it is pressed once or several times. If it is a vaporizer, the ideal is to press once and, in case it is a nebulizer, you can move it all over your face. In case of a spray conventional, pressurized, try not to move it too much so as not to get your hair wet.

If it is a hydrating or nourishing mist, after vaporizing it, remove the rest that remains by pressing with a tissue.

About makeup

Professional makeup artists often use specific mists to set makeup and make it look more natural. But if you have excessively powdered the skin, you can use a conventional mist to avoid that the makeup appears cracked and with an artificial appearance.

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