Get fit without pulling Wi-Fi

Not everyone has a body made to follow a guru of the fitness moving across the screen. There are people who still conceive of the gym in the living room as Jane Fonda did.

Who says Jane Fonda says Eva Nasarre. That is, a mat and you alone, remembering the exercises you do in the gym without anyone pulling you.

Well, if you are one of those or, simply, you do not want to abuse a clearly overloaded wifi since we started living in #yomequedoencasa plan, this post is for you.

A simple exercise routine created by the professionals at Dorsia Clinics to convert any area of ​​the house into an improvised gym and with which you will not consume wifi or megabytes … are you ready?

Benefits of continuing to exercise

“Staying active during these weeks will bring us multiple benefits, both physically and psychologically. For example, when exercising, our body secretes endorphins, which improves our mood and mood, “explains Marian Barrantes, a health psychologist at Dorsia clinics.

In addition, if you are one of those who are having trouble falling asleep these days, staying active will make you more tired when going to bed and therefore the sleep mode will activate earlier, helping you to sleep more and better.

Lastly, maintaining a physical routine will allow you to be distracted for a few hours. The mind will disconnect from the excess of negative information, so you will be able to reduce anxiety and any other depressive symptoms associated with it.

And don’t forget that exercise is part of the plan to keep the immune system strong, something that is more important than ever today.

The experts at Dorsia Clinics have developed a simple exercise routine specifically designed to avoid having to leave the house and with which you can maintain shape during these weeks. You can do them in the living room, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, and without abusing the wifi!

Very attentive, we begin!


Push-ups are a very easy exercise to do at home, either on the floor or on a mat. Lie on your stomach and place the palms of your hands on the floor at your shoulders.

Lift your body and manage to keep your body erect without raising your buttock and looking forward.

If you can not with all your weight, you can support the knees, in this way the same area is worked at a lower intensity.

Perform three sets of 10 push-ups.


If the push-ups on the floor are not your thing, or you just want to tone that area more, we give you another option. Rest your hands on the wall and separate (the more you separate the more intense the exercise will be).

Just like on the floor place your hands at shoulder height and raise your legs this is the starting position of the exercise. To do this, go down to the wall, squeezing the abdomen and try not to twist your back.

Perform three sets of 10 push-ups.


For this exercise we will perform a normal squat, but with the arms extended to intensify. If with arms outstretched you find it impossible to perform the exercise, you can perform normal squats.

Remember that when you squat, your knees should be facing in the same direction as the balls of your feet.

Do three repetitions of 10 squats.


Although this exercise is performed with a drawer, you can use a chair or any object that allows you to climb on it without it tipping over.

We rest one foot completely on the drawer and the other on the floor. The foot on the floor rises and is also placed in the drawer.

Keep in mind that when raising the foot you must use the strength of your leg and contract your abdomen. Otherwise, you will not be doing the exercise in a correct way.

Do two repetitions of 10 climbs with each leg.


Rest your whole body on the floor or on a mat and place your hands down as indicated in the illustration.

Raise your pelvis and keep your back straight, then lower without touching the ground until the end of the repetitions. Do three repetitions of 10 lifts.


For classic abs, place your hands behind the nape of the neck and lift to perform an abdominal. Focus your energy on the abdomen and be careful with the neck area. Do three repetitions of 10 sit-ups.For crusaders, lie on the ground and place your feet flat on the ground. Rest one of your feet on the knee and place your opposite arm under your head. This is the initial posture of the exercise, now keeping your abdomen hard try to touch your knee to your nose.

Do two repetitions of 10 exercises with each leg.


This time, instead of supporting your feet, place them at 90 degrees and your two hands under your head. Try to make your nose touch your left knee while the right leg is extended, do the same, but vice versa.

Do two repetitions of 10 exercises.


Lay your whole body down and raise your legs. Now make crosses with them simulating the movement of a scissor.

Do 3 repetitions of 20 exercises.

Make yourself a routine

Experts recommend that, once these exercises are understood, you make a calendar with the days and times when you will perform your routine. This makes it easier for you to remember and not skip it.

What is the ideal frequency? From Clínicas Dorsia advise doing it four times a week, at least.

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