Free course: Introduction to R (Programming)

Nowadays, programming courses are a trend in online education and within the programming languages ​​that are gaining in popularity, and among the most used when talking about data mining, biomedical research, bioinformatics, financial mathematics, and One of the technologies that are increasingly used today, such as machine learning, is the R programming language.

Although R was first released in August 1993, 26 years ago, developed by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman of the University of Auckland, New Zealand, it is based on the S programming language, created by Rick Becker and John Chambers in the late 1970s.

Those who are interested in learning this language now have the possibility of taking a free course on the beautiful educational platform edX.

According to its page, the course offers an introduction to the R language, emphasizing practice, offering several examples and activities related to the tasks that data analysts perform daily. During the time, they will learn the following:

  • Creating a work environment for R with R Studio
  • Classification and manipulation of data from a data science vision
  • They will learn to make graphs in a versatile and simple way.
  • Basic programming in the R language

The R course lasts four weeks and requires a weekly dedication of 5 to 8 hours per week. The Anahuac University of Mexico created it. The professor who dictates the course is César Iván Cobos May.

To register for the course, you can visit the course page on edX.

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