Express makeup with two Guapísimas products

You know what is being said: don’t let the truth spoil a good headline. Because, in reality, there are not only two products necessary to create this makeup, but they are basically two and, in addition, the same shade.

The Lancôme official makeup artist, Roberto Siguero, was live days ago on Instagram with Patry Jordan, youtuber and enterprising with thousands of followers. Between the two they built a look with a “good face” effect using a couple of products, in addition to the basic ones (background, concealer and mask).

Do you want to know what were the tricks to reach a highly flattering result? Attentive! We have collected these with which to make a “good face” look with few products, simple techniques and a lot of tips experts that anyone can replicate.

But first things first. A skin in good condition determines that the makeup is luminous and juicy. Clean, hydrate and apply a skin perfector.

“And when you want a very light base, for example in this look Good face, you can mix serum with the foundation, “suggests Roberto.

10 makeup tricks to get a good face:

  1. A look Minimalist works best with a light makeup background, since it seeks a greater transparency, a luminous finish that reveals your skin. “If, in addition, you apply it with your fingertips, that allows you to work and heat it and that it sits better on the skin, not to be noticed,” says the makeup artist.
  2. If you have to correct dark circles, it is advisable to use a little concealer. And when we say a little, we mean the essential minimum. This is how Siguero defends it: “With the concealer it is convenient to be a bit stingy: use very little, start in the tear with a brush and tap it with the fingertip to where you consider the dark circles reach, but no further . If it is blurred with the finger, the product works better and it settles like a second skin ”.
  3. Patry Jordán adds a trick: “If you have bags, do not put concealer on top because they will be seen more. Ideally, put a fine line of concealer just below the pouch, where the fold of skin casts a shadow. And always in a lighter shade than the skin itself ”.
  4. For a true good face effect, after doing a soft contour with sun powders, it is very good to give a touch of blush on the cheek and the arch of the nose. “But not only there,” reveals the Lancôme expert. A trick for the eyes, at point number 7.
  5. A secret pro for, with just two products, to achieve an extra healthy appearance is to use blush and lipstick of the same tone and in several areas:
  6. Take a pink blush (which is the tone your skin takes when you blush) and brush it across the center of your cheek, the area that sticks out when you smile. “From there, blur it a little to the temple,” recommends Jordan.
  7. And Roberto adds the definitive trick for “good face”: “Take the same blush that you used on the cheeks and with an eyeshadow brush, apply a little to the line that separates the mobile eyelid from the lower brow.”
  8. Tabs are also important to convey a look healthy. “To achieve a discreet but super flattering volume, start applying from the roots, in zigzag movements, towards the tip”, the makeup artist teaches us.
  9. To finish, they take out the lipstick. A red, this time. Although a pink or raspberry toned with the rouge would do. “If I look for a look Naturally, I don’t do my makeup directly with the bar, but I stain my fingertips with it and tap it, ”says Patry. To which Roberto adds: “With this you get the bitten lip effect, as if you had activated circulation, which is a symptom of health and an instant good face.”
  10. The look It closes with a make-up trick: “With that same system, you can also put a touch of red in the center of the cheekbones, even if you’ve previously put blusher powder, it doesn’t matter. The juicy texture provides exactly what we are looking for in a look good face ”, concludes the makeup artist.

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