Do you need to lose weight? Don’t look at the phone in bed

We have been half confined talking about the dream. Why we have nightmares, how important it is to have good sleep hygiene, why sleeping well helps to strengthen the immune system …

The experts have given us their best advice to make the moment of sleep an ally to alleviate the anxiety and stress that this health alert situation has caused us.

Understood that not sleeping well or sleeping an insufficient number of hours affects the ability to concentrate and performance we also know, then, that it can have consequences on the strength of our defenses. According the doctor Cristina García de Leonardo, medical specialist in clinical neurophysiology, “In addition to fatigue and tiredness, lack of sleep is related to immunological, metabolic and endocrine changes such as glucose intolerance, diabetes and obesity.”

Bad sleep makes it difficult to lose weight

If fat loss is in your healthy nutrition plans, sleeping is more important than you think. And now comes the part that perhaps you did not know and that, surely, will not be very funny. If during this time you have gotten used to falling asleep reading tweets, doing scroll on Instagram or reviewing the best TikTok videos, it’s time to change habits.

From Fitbit, the company that for more than ten years and through its devices monitors the sleep of its users, suggests some sleep hygiene habits, how to do light dinners, go to sleep and always get up at the same time or maintain a suitable atmosphere in the room.

Others obesity experts put mobile use in the equation, especially people who need to change their body composition (with a goal of fat loss). We will talk about it later.

First, let’s know what sleeping and losing weight have to do with it.

Numerous scientific studies published in recent years already link – without any doubt – sleep deficit with obesity. Bad sleep drives your appetite and the hormones that control it crazy. When you do not sleep well, leptin, in charge of the sensation of satiated appetite, falls; ghrelin, an appetite stimulant, goes up.

The recommendation to sleep at least seven hours a day to avoid altering the biological mechanisms, joins the need to monitor glucose tolerance and have an energy balance. From there, with each additional hour of sleep, the risk of becoming overweight is reduced by 36%.

We said that, to sleep well, we must put the mobile in airplane mode very soon, before going to bed.

Paloma Quintana, Bachelor of Science and Food Technology, Master in Human Nutrition (@nutricionconq en redes), author of the blog that bears her name, talks about chronodisruption within her series of 53 small changes that influence a fat loss process, exposed on her Instagram account.

“I propose 22 hours as the maximum time to cease exposure to computer screens, television, tablet or mobile ”, he suggests. And he explains it this way: “This action can help regulate the body to achieve physical and mental well-being more than you think, but it will also help enormously to lose fat since, if you are in such a process, chronodisruption plays a key role making it difficult “

Netflix diet

It doesn’t seem like a good idea to fall asleep watching a series. Why Quintana tells you:

“Not attending to our internal clock has implications not only in the percentage of fat and muscle mass, but also in the development of diseases such as cancer, other neurodegenerative diseases, type 2 diabetes, sleep disorders, depression and, of course, alterations hormonal related to hunger and satiety “. That is, what he said before about leptin and ghrelin.

The nutrition expert makes it clear and easy to understand the eternal doubt: How are these hormones regulated?

In order to regulate the internal clock, it is essential to expose yourself to light when it is day and not when it is at night, being the light from the screens of our devices the most negatively affected, but also the lighting in the home. A good option is to light candles at home from this time, 22 hours “(Paloma Quintana, nutritionist dietitian).

You know: if you want to help your fat loss process, from ten o’clock: candles, calm and some analog entertainment.

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