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Although -as he says Anabel Gismera, owner of the Oasis Urbano Nail Spa manicure center– When you wear a color that you love you always defend it well, whether or not it is the perfect shade for your skin, it is true that there are some nail polish colors for every woman.

The undertones of the skin make some colors well toned and others squeak a little. If this is information that interests you, pay attention because Rita Remark, the celebrity manicurist, reveals to us which tone works best for each skin. And he illustrates it with Essie enamels.

Women with light-toned skin, such as Amanda Seyfried

In pinks, light pink. If you prefer to investigate the nudes, which also have a pink tone, which eliminates any blue undertone.

The perfect? Ivory color with a pink touch.

Regarding the gray, so in trend this season, choose one with cold notes, which is the one that stands out the most in pale skin.

If you like red, it is better to have blue undertones because they provide contrast between the nail and the skin.

In light skin, pink “Slippers”, gray “Chinchilly” and red “A-list”.

Women with medium-toned skin, like Gigi Hadid

If you like white, choose it pure because it is the one that best suits you. Instead of leaving the skin as wasted, it creates a nice contrast between the shine of the nail and the tone of the skin.

For nude shades, look for a color within the beige / neutral family. Your skin will stand out with a light flash brown tone.

Mid-toned leathers tend to have an olive or neutral undertone that makes them match any gray enamel with a cool undertone.

If there is a tone for which the skins are used in medium tones, it is red. There is nothing better than a poppy red with orange undertones.

In medium leather, pure white “Marshmallow”, gray with cold undertone “Smokin hot” and poppy red with orange undertones “Geranium”.

Women with dark skin tones, like Rihanna

Caramel pinks give an energetic and youthful appearance to the nails of darker skin. Choose one that reminds you of lip gloss.

In the case of nudes, the most flattering will be in shades that tend to cinnamon.

Grays with a mauve or purple undertone will ensure that your skin does not look gray and some shade of blackberry will make your hands look chic and not pale.

The reds that most favor these skins are those that remind us of the color of the wine. Combine your nails with a glass of red wine and the burgundy tone.

For dark skin tones, caramel pink “Sugar daddy”, gray with mauve undertone or purple “Merino cool” and wine red “Bordeaux”

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