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Cellulite is present in most female bodies. While a good diet can improve your condition, anything that contributes to mobilizing fluid retention and alleviating poor circulation is welcome.

Body creams that help us work cellulite, fat accumulation and body flaccidity are already in our hands. Aware that miracles cannot be asked for, we appeal to a good massage to improve its results.

The correct movements of body massage in the affected areas can help us a lot. If you do a good self-massage, activates circulation and helps improve tissue drainage, reducing localized fluid retention in that area.

The local temperature is also increased and fat is mobilized, helping its elimination if you accompany this process with a good diet based on low glycemic load foods and the type of exercise that best contributes to oxidizing it.

Silvia Oliete, prestigious facialist and expert in aesthetics with three “Blauceldona” centers in Barcelona, ​​he tells us how to work cellulite, localized fat and sagging body.

“I am going to teach you these massages so that you do them at home between cabin sessions. I suggest two treatments: the first one includes circulatory drawstring massages and anti-cellulite massages that are carried out with anti-cellulite cream in the areas where cellulite appears (thighs and buttocks) and the other is for localized fat, which is done with lipid-reducing gel and is done in abdomen, flanks and arms ”, explains the expert in aesthetics.

To take advantage of body creams (whether they are anti-cellulite, firming or reducing) it is important to know how they are applied ”

Cellulite massage

Oliete describes it like this:

  1. Take a small amount between your hands and rub them a little so that your palms are impregnated.
  2. Apply the cream to problem areas, where you see cellulite: knees, thighs, buttocks.
  3. It is important to activate the circulation first so that the cream works better. This is done by taking, after the shower, any moisturizing cream and making draws from the bottom up from the foot to the hip.
  4. These smoothing movements in an upward direction promote circulation and benefit those with poor circulation and fluid retention.
  5. To apply the anti-cellulite on the thighs, it is necessary to make movements in circles and also upward drainage landscapes from the knee to the groin area.
  6. Afterwards, you can also do knuckle massages to work on fat and cellulite, either with the knuckles or with the help of a gadget massage.
  7. This massage must always be done with the cream on.

Localized fat massage

When there is localized fat in the abdomen, apply a lipo-reducing gel and perform first wide circular movements clockwise around the navel.

Then knuckle movements in the whole area to break the fat.

Then you can run your fingers on digital massage all over the abdomen and flanks.

Flaccidity without excess volume

Attention! If there is flaccidity in the abdomen but not excess fat, a firming body cream is used and applied with a smoothing massage with the palms extended from the navel to the sides.

If you liked the explanation but you still have doubts, it is best to see Silvia herself doing this live self-massage, on video!

Hit the play:

Another very fashionable technique to activate circulation and improve cellulite while you relax in the shower is dry brushing. Learn how and with what to do it in this post.

The rollers reproduce the knuckle massage and are very useful for those who do not know how to do it “(Silvia Oliete)

And now that you know everything about body self-massage, choose whether you will do it by hand or by machine with these gadgets body massage that we have selected for you:

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