Beautiful cellulite diet

Cellulite is a state that women must assume. It is in 95% of the female bodies and it is convenient to live with it in peace and harmony.

Now, if what you want is to avoid seeing those dimples a lot, it is possible by controlling one of the factors that most influences their formation: diet.

Orange peel is formed by a series of factors and, therefore, when it comes to the aesthetic center, it is approached from different angles. It all adds up. And, in relation to what you eat and drink, it is essential to watch.

Cellulite is a bacterial skin infection characterized by the accumulation of adipose tissue, manifesting itself, above all, on the thighs and buttocks, and also on the arms and abdomen.

Genetic and hormonal causes influence the appearance of these dimples, but also others such as lack of exercise, body fat, fluid retention and inadequate nutrition, especially the consumption of pro-inflammatory foods such as refined flours, sugar, food very rich in starch and ultra-processed foods (which usually combine all of the above).

“Eating properly is essential to cleanse the body, avoid excessive fluid retention, achieve a quality dermis and an adequate weight,” he says. the facialist and nutritionist Biri Murias, director of the homonymous aesthetic centers in Gijón.

Drinking plenty of water and eating vegetables, fruits, foods rich in fiber, legumes or eggs are some of the nutrition tips that are key and add effectiveness to exercise and treatments.

Diet guideline to combat orange peel

This guideline is part of a healthy diet and its objective is to reduce the visible appearance of orange peel. It is not intended as a weight loss nor is it intended to be for all women of all ages and conditions.

The most important thing about it is:

  1. Eat plenty of vegetables because they are rich in water, low in sodium and high in potassium. Asparagus, zucchini, celery or artichokes strengthen the capillaries and favor diuresis. The onion activates circulation and reduces blood sugar levels.
  2. Water is key for the body to maintain a good general metabolism and to avoid fluid retention that can cause vascular problems and also be the direct cause of cellulite. The best is low sodium, less than 20mg / liter of water.
  3. Eat animal and plant protein. Legumes contain proteins that help the body build muscle instead of fat. And the protein of the egg is highly recommended, since it has few calories and fats.
  4. Leave the fruits for the first third of the day
  5. Foods rich in fiber are essential for the body to better absorb the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that allow us to keep the skin hydrated.

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