A whim of bronzing Guapísimas

East post It is written by a beauty victim. If you are too, you may be interested.

Although in cosmetics I look above all for effectiveness and always want the best value for money, I do think from time to time that you have to treat yourself. You do not agree?

When I discover a new product or concept that I love, with which I automatically feel identified and, as I put it on, I am favored, I attach great importance to it.

Why beauty is not only results, they are also moments for you and only for you, part of that self-care that raises your self-esteem and makes you more beautiful.

Luxury tanning cream

A good example would be this tanning cream from the latest collection of CHANEL Les Beiges that I loved.

It’s called Crème belle mine ensoleillée, it translates something like “cream for a good sunny face” and it does exactly that: very natural summer face.

What differentiates this cream from other tanning creams, in my opinion, is the second skin finish. It is not shiny or sticky. Once applied, it disappears from view and only leaves a light tan halo, without being exaggerated.

It costs 43 euros, a high price for a product that is not essential. But when you try it you realize that very little is used each time because it transfers the color very well and the idea is to create a subtle veil, not completely cover the skin.

It contains 30 grams, it is quite a quantity, almost triple that of a conventional compact, which usually contains 12 grams.

How to use it:

From the brand they recommend that it be applied with a kabuki brush, which is the one that ensures a good deposit of product and that helps to blur in small areas, but it can also be done with the fingertips. Of course, it is very important to have the skin well hydrated before starting to put it on because it has a light powdery finish.

As for the way to apply, your thing is to put in the areas where the sun would normally affect: the upper part of the cheeks, the bridge of the nose, the ends of the forehead, the chin and the neckline.

In order for the tanning effect to look really natural, it is important that you leave areas of the face without tanning. That is, although it is tempting, do not pass the brush everywhere, but only for those mentioned.

You can also perform a smooth contouring, making a “3” shape that begins at the center of the forehead, runs down the temple to the cheekbone, and ends at the jaw line.

From CHANEL they propose these other two applications:

  1. For a look more sculpted: apply the tanning cream under the cheekbones with a makeup brush, making back and forth movements from the ears to the center of the cheeks.
  2. For extra luminosity: mix the tanning cream with a small amount of moisturizer, and then apply it to the shoulders and décolleté.

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