5 easy hairstyles to succeed on Instagram

Social networks are always our favorite pastime (along with Netflix and other types of platforms), but during these days of confinement even more.

We spend the day watching exercise videos, consulting the latest beauty trends, learning to cook homemade recipes to take out on the balcony and, of course, taking inspiration from the thousands of influencers and celebrities which we follow.

The day will come when all this has happened and together we have managed to overcome the virus. At that time we can enjoy spring as we deserve. However, for now you have to be patient and stay home so that everything ends.

In the meantime, this quarantine is the perfect opportunity to succeed on Instagram, even if it is hard to believe. Many times it is not so easy to earn the coveted like but as good beauty lover that you are, you will know that good makeup (like the #FlowerEyeliner that is hitting it in networks) or an original hairstyle will help you sweep, or not?

In the hairstyles for this quarantine do not resist us. We already advance the best proposals of hairdressers and stylists to hide the roots, and today we want to tell you what they are the hairstyles that will help you succeed on Instagram, even in quarantine. Pay close attention and learn how to make them yourself at home. Now there is time, so you have no excuses!

1. Boxer braids

The boxer braids they have been starring for more than five years street style summery and it’s the quintessential festival hairstyle. Besides being comfortable and cool, it never goes out of style. Therefore, learning how to do them is a good investment of time. eye! It is never recommended to do it with wet hair, since you can damage your hair. You can use some serum that makes your hairstyle easier or special products to make braids.

2. Half-up bun or bow HUN

That is, a semi-gathered with a medium bow made at the top of the crown. It’s about the hairstyle that is sweeping more than ever among our influencers and celebs favorite, since Maria Pombo or Mery Turiel, going by Chiara Ferragni, even the very Kardashian, among many others. It is very comfortable because, with it, you get rid of those front locks that cover your face or bother you. And the best? Doing it is very easy. Check out this tutorial!

3. Bow messy

One of the collected that triumphs on the red carpets and that we could say that it is one of the favorites of our dear Meghan Markle. We talk about a tousled bun (either high or low), which serves to outfits informal, put together your look working girl, or even to attend a special event, it is also perfect to wear maxi-slope. There is no need to worry if any strand is left out, in fact, there is the trick.

Four. Mini buns

Or also known as pequeños small bows ’. It is another of the fun hairstyles that reigned last year at the most famous festivals in the world, such as Coachella or Tomorrowland. They are very easy to do and will bring a superoriginal touch to your homemade looks (and when this happens, street style). Same as him messy bun, you can make them high (at the height of the crown) or low (at the height of the neck), you decide!

5. Waves with lateral root braid

If you love surfing waves, this hairstyle is for you. Get some soft waves with a curling iron (remember to break them with the little fingers so that they are not so marked and so they have natural), proceed to make the lateral braid of the root and give it a touch boho-chic adding rings or some hair ornament.

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