24 Top Homemade Masks for Damaged, Dry and Brittling Hair

Are they brittle or damaged? Need a recipe to improve the quality of your hair?

Why not think of home-made hair masks of any kind? Whether you have dry, brittle, dull, or even greasy hair, we always have a solution for you.

In the rest of the article, you will be given a more accurate idea about homemade hair masks regardless of hair type.

Homemade hair masks: miracle recipes

Different homemade masks are useful for your hair. They make your hair smoother, rough, beautiful bright color,…

Simply put, follow our tutorial to understand how to make masks and which ingredients to use deemed necessary.

Masks for greasy hair

To absorb impurities, green clay seems to be a good idea to sanitize the scalp. It’s an anti-dandruff mask. We also have vinegar that is active against pollutants. The baking soda saves you sebum and, finally, the famous lemon that ensures a shine for your hair.

Green clay mask

First, take tablespoons of green clay and two tablespoons of cider vinegar. Mix these two ingredients until you have a pasty mixture. Apply this mixture to your hair and let it work for up to 20 minutes.

Soda bicarbonate mask

Mix baking soda with water to create a kind of paste. Then apply the mixture for 5 to 7 minutes on your hair and let it work. Finally, rinse and observe the result.

Lemon mask

Have a glass of tea filled with lemon juice with two egg yolks. Then mix it all and apply it to your hair, letting it work for up to 20 minutes. Finally, rinse thoroughly and observe the result.

Homemade mask for dry and brittle hair

Your hair sometimes requires the need for curative treatment! You will need to enrich your hair more often. With vitamins too, as with the following fruits: bananas, strawberries, avocados, We also have a delicious plain yogurt if you want to moisturize the hair fibers.

Avocado homemade hair mask

Take the pulp of an avocado, two tablespoons of olive oil, one tablespoon of honey, egg yolk. Then mix all these ingredients to obtain a pasty consistency. This homemade avocado-based hair mask is very effective at moistening your hair. The duration of the application of this mask is about 30 minutes. Finally, rinse thoroughly with water and observe the final result.

Homemade banana mask for dry hair

Take a banana, a little honey, a few drops of almond oil. Mix all these ingredients after applying all the mixture to your dry hair for about 25 minutes. Finally, rinse thoroughly with water and observe the result. A surprise awaits you!

Homemade plain yogurt mask for dehydrated hair

Mix an egg white with plain yogurt. Gently apply this mixture to your hair, which is dry. Leave on for 25 minutes. Finally, rinse thoroughly with water and observe the final result.

Homemade mask for dull hair

Is your hair lacking shine? Are they dull and seem to be devitalized? Argan oil, honey, eggs are the keys to guarantee a good shine of your hair, no doubt.

Homemade mask for dull egg hair

Take three eggs, a little olive oil, about a tablespoon, a little cider vinegar. Beat all these ingredients together and apply the mixture obtained on your hair, especially at the tips where the hair is driest. Leave on for up to 20 minutes, then rinse with plenty of water and observe the result.

Homemade mask for dry hair with lack of shine with argan oil and green clay

Take some green clay, wine vinegar, one egg, four teaspoons of argan oil. Mix it all, then gently apply to your hair. Leave on for 15 minutes. Finally, rinse with plenty of water and observe the final result.

You will have brighter hair and less dry, no doubt.

The benefits of argan oil

Argan oil has enormous benefits for your whole body!

Argan oil is a healing oil, fights acne in a practical way, very beneficial for your hair. This oil nourishes your hair. Argan oil protects you from cardiovascular disease. It is very advantageous to benefit from this oil with several virtues.

Homemade carrot mask for less shiny hair

Take 1/2 avocado, one carrot, and two eggs. Mix all these ingredients while adding a little olive oil. Apply the paste to your hair for 15 minutes and leave on. Finally, rinse with plenty of water and observe the result.

Good to know!

Masks should be prepared on the day of application. Simply put, these natural products can be altered. Don’t leave the front for 10 hours without application.

After making the mask, it is advisable to wash your hair with a shampoo to get rid of the smell of the mixture of ingredients and have a better result!


The scalp is considered a more or less fragile part. Indeed, the scalp is exposed to various external stresses, also the sun and cold. These stresses can affect the nature of your scalp and make it more fragile.

We have prepared these different masks for you, whether for men or women, to repair your damaged and dry hair and make it brighter and healthier. Finally, you must keep a good diet rich in vitamins and iron, especially fatty acid, to have healthy, shiny, and smooth hair. Avoid cosmetics prepared in the labs as much as possible and enjoy our different recipes as a homemade hair mask.

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