10 dishes of Italian cuisine that you need to eat in Italy!

This is an article with a photo about dishes of Italian cuisine, which must be eaten in Italy. Italian cuisine is considered one of the best in the world, but you need to know what to choose from the menu.

After a couple of days in Italy, after eating pizza, pasta and panini, I ran into a problem. What exactly to order in Italian restaurants, so as not to be disappointed (or God forbid to lose weight :)) for 3 weeks of rest?

My dear readers, friends, and social subscribers came to the rescue. networks that generously shared tips, for which many thanks to them. Below is a list of Italian dishes made by common efforts, as well as the average price of food in Italy. 90% of the list I had a chance to try, 10% left the next time.

Seafood in Italy

Tomato mussel soup (Zuppa di cozze al pomodoro) is the best I’ve had to eat in Italy. Also ate mussels in Sicilian style, was not enthusiastic. It all depends on the restaurant. Price 8-13 €

Grilled king prawns or sauces (Gamberoni alla griglia). The most delicious shrimp were in the city of Tropea in Calabria. Price 10-15 €

What to try in Italy

Sicilian swordfish with tomatoes (Pesce spada alla siciliana). Price 12-13 €

Grilled swordfish (Pesce spada alla griglia). Price 12-13 €
Grilled Dorado (Dorado Griglio). Price 50-60 € per 1 kg. The dorado market costs 15 € per kg.

Octopus in different variations (Polpo). For example, Sicilian octopus with garlic and thyme. “Nothing tastes better in Mediterranean cuisine,” – quote from traveler and foodie Sergei Kormilitsyn. 12-18 € for a hot dish Octopus with potatoes (Polpo con patate) – a specialty on the Amalfi Coast. Keep in mind that octopus in Sicily and southern Italy are often served as cold snacks. Price 7-8 €

Shrimp Cocktail (Сocktail di gamberi). Popular cold appetizer. For an amateur. Served in a glass where the shrimp is mixed with salad and sauce. If you spread shrimp on bread, it turns out delicious. 7-10 €

Other Italian dishes

Baked eggplant with tomatoes, mozzarella and parmesan (Melanzane alla parmigiana)
Grilled vegetables (Verdure alla griglia) – always delicious. Price 6 €

Lamb meat on skewers (Arrosticini di pecora). This dish is prepared only in the Abruzzo region and nowhere else. To cook this skewers of sheep in the Marche region, you had to order meat on the Internet from Abruzzo. I didn’t eat the sheep, but the guys said that she was delicious

Spaghetti with clams and parsley (Spaghetti con le vongole). This dish was prepared by friends from mollusks collected on the seashore near the house. You need to collect mollusks early in the morning (at 6-7 hours) in order to get ahead of other fishermen. 12-15 €

Carne cruda (Carne cruda) – raw beef of a certain breed of gobies, a minimum of spices. Originally from Piedmont. Have not tried. 15-20 €

Pizza (Pizza) – real pizza is cooked in a charcoal oven. You can talk about pizza for a long time. From 2 € for a slice in a street eatery to 12 € for pizza with seafood in a restaurant.

Pasta (Pasta) – a traditional dish of Italian cuisine. Pasta with various sauces. To our taste, pasta in Italy is undercooked. They specially cook pasta very briefly. That version of the pasta that is served in our restaurants will be tasteless and overcooked for the Italian. 7-15 €

Be sure to read my article about prices in Italy, where I tell you how much a vacation in this tasty and warm country will cost.

  • Minestrone (Minestrone) – vegetable soup
  • Panini – an Italian sandwich made from flat white wheat bread, price 5 €
  • Risotto (Risotto) – a dish of rice. Prepared with seafood, meat, vegetables. 8-13 €
  • Lasagne (Lasagne) – a popular dish of Italian cuisine from pasta flat sheets with filling, 9-12 €
  • Ravioli (Ravioli) – Italian analogue of dumplings made from pasta with filling. Often cooked ravioli are served in restaurants – they are mediocre.
  • When they twist themselves by hand, it turns out very tasty.
  • Polenta (Polenta) – cornmeal porridge
  • Caprese – Italian appetizer of tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and olive oil
  • Gnocchi – Italian Dumplings
  • Cheeses Provola and Caciocavallo

Italian desserts

Desserts and sweets are usually sold in cafes or establishments called Pasticceria.

Why are the Japanese so fond of food with strange tastes

Tortuffa (Tortuffa) – a divinely delicious ball of ice cream with chocolate inside. Chocolate ice cream is better not to order, because chocolate with chocolate is too sweet. It costs 4-5 €

Granita (Granita) – Sicilian dessert. Crushed ice with sugar syrup of different colors and tastes. Price 3-4 €

Cannoli (Cannoli) – Sicilian dessert. Wafer roll filled with raw mascarpone, whipped cottage cheese or ricotta with the addition of syrups or wine. Sold everywhere

Tiramisu is a cake of Italian students because it does not need to be baked. It is made from savoyardi cookies, mascarpone cheese, coffee, eggs and sugar. I thought I ate Tiramisu many times, but it turned out that before traveling to Italy I had not tried Tiramisu closely.

What to cook this weekend – the best dishes of Italian cuisine

Ice cream (Gelate) is sold in Gelateria – from 1 € per ball. On average – 2 € for a small box and 4-5 € for a large one. On tourist streets they ask for 4-5 € for one small ball.

Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee! Even if you don’t drink coffee, it’s worth a try once. 1-4 €, average 2 €

Where to buy products in Italy?

In Italy there are many chain supermarkets: Lidl, Auchan, Carrefour and others. Also, in every, even the smallest town, there will certainly be a small Supermercado, where first and second necessities are sold at inflated prices.

What to try in Italy

If you want to cook yourself, you can also buy products in Italy in special shops. I do not know if they are in the north, but in the south of Italy they are still popular. We basically rented apartments with a kitchen and sometimes cooked food on our own.

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