10 business ideas to start with less than $100

The best online business ideas are often the simplest.

An idea of starting a business and your ambition will take you far into place, but when you are without money or with very little capital, it can be more difficult. Pas facile users didn’t wait to have millions of euros in their bank account to launch their online business. Even if you only have 100 euros, you can start a small business at home to grow over time, and why not achieve financial independence. Here are ten business ideas that you can start at less than $100.

1- Dealer

The first idea to start a business is to become a reseller. A dealer buys old used items and resells them online by making a profit.

Resell online

If you like to shop in flea markets, you don’t mind doing a little cleaning and taking pictures. You could start a business or business online in an afternoon. Your first purchase would cost you well under $100, and you could double your money on a resale. Creating a sales page for your products with Payfacile is as simple as hello (here is a video tutorial). You need to share this page’s link by email with your customer, on social networks, or your website.

Launch your monthly boxes

More and more entrepreneurs are choosing a business model based on subscription sales. Here is a guide to setting up box e-commerce (monthly box) in less than 24 hours. We have also listed about fifty ideas for this type of business.

2- Private Cook 

Monetize your services as a cook

Thousands of people around you would pay generously for you to come to their home cook on an exceptional or regular basis. Your cooking skills can also allow you to work from home. All you have to do is launch an online business: gourmet e-commerce box, recipe sales, custom dishes, etc.

Monetize your passion for cooking

Create a website (here’s a guide) and highlight your experiences and the services you offer. Most of the time, your only purchases will be an apron and a good set of knives! In short, a great way to start a business without money.

3- Couture

Do you know how to sew? Starting your own business and working from home shouldn’t be a problem for you. Whether for creations or touch-ups, sewing is one of the most lucrative business ideas. Sewing is also an excellent way to start an online business. Create your website, add some photos of your previous work, and set your rates for the most common sewing requests.

You are selling your creations.

Another idea to make money with your fashioner’s skills is to sell your creations. You can also launch your monthly clothing boxes to ensure a recurring revenue source and quickly increase your income. Fashion boxes and beauty boxes are already rooted in mores. You will have no trouble starting your own online business.

Monetize your passion for sewing by sharing it online

Another idea for online business based on sewing is to monetize your expertise by selling tutorials, patterns of your creations, e-books, or even training; If you already have a community on social networks on the topic of sewing, now is the time to launch your business online.

4- Online training

Do you have any particular knowledge of a specific subject? Or maybe it’s just a passion? The web is full of videos and tutorials of all kinds but finding quality content is not easy. That’s why more and more people are willing to buy digital files like e-books or training videos on the Internet.

Monetize your expertise by selling online training

How do you set up an online training business? Many Digital Marketing experts and sports coaches are already using Payfacile to sell their training on the Internet. They add their content to Payfacile’s secure servers, which sends a download link to their customers once the payment has been validated. It’s simple and effective! Here’s our guide to selling digital files.

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5- Tutor/coach at home or online

More personal than online training, you could teach exam revision students, music lovers learning an instrument or managers who want to improve their skills.

Startup as a teacher or private coach.

Your only investment is your knowledge: an opportunity to create your online business without money. Thanks to Skype or Google Hangout, you can even do it from your couch. Distance classes are an increasingly common practice. Payfacile can allow you to set up direct debits with your regular students.

6- Writing

The nerve of the war for web companies in the production of quality content. Creating your online business on this idea is to put your knowledge at the service of companies that need to produce blog posts, interviews, comments on a topic you know well. You can work very well from home (remotely) and collect payments from all over the world. We are here to accompany you.

7- Website Designer

Among our ideas to make money online, this one is not given to all mode, but if design and programming are your things, you could smoothly go freelance as a web designer for less than 100 euros.

Sell your web design services.

How do you set up a website design business? Put online a website showing your skills, some examples, your prices, all well licked and beautifully presented, a contact form, and voila!

8- Community Manager

Many companies are willing to pay to avoid spending too much time maintaining their community on social networks. Creating your business online by offering this type of service is no great idea to make money on the internet. Offer “A la carte” or subscription pricing.

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Start as a freelancer in community management.

Setting up a recurring payment and subscription management system is not easy. If you choose to offer your services by subscription, make sure you have the right tools. Like Payfacile.com, that will allow you to set up direct debits with your customers every week, every month, or at the frequency,y you have negotiated with your client.

9- Craftsmanship

What do you know how to do with your ten fingers? If you have cute objects created with your own hands, why not make it a small online business? You’d need a good camera to get excellent shots and then post them to your website with a Payfacile purchase button.

10- Blogger

Do you feel you have something important to share with the rest of the world? With an online blog, you can write all this down and publish it instantly. Some bloggers have done their job full time, but you can start slowly until you are ready to quit your job.

Entrepreneurship is not just for people with a lot of capital.

Don’t let the money stop your dreams from starting your own online business. Any of these ideas will create your business online on a small budget: less than 100 euros. Don’t hesitate, get started!

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